onsdag 30 januari 2008

Article work + Swe heliskiing(?)

Supposed to write another article about Andermatt. Here's the last one:


Also might be going heliskiing in Abisko on a journalist-trip in march for a long-weekend. Sounds sweet.

tisdag 29 januari 2008

Huge Skatepark in Stockholm(?)

Look what the guys at Stockholm Suburban Surfers are workin' on! http://highvalleyskatepark.blogspot.com/2008/01/tackyse-skriver-om-highvalley-skatepark.html
Wouldn't it be great if the community officials could give some money to alternative "modern" sports? It would probably be easier to get money if the skaters started with curling instead. 

Nu skis & nu work

Got my new pair of freeride skis, Black Crows Corvus, today. They look just fantastic. Great graphics. blackcrows-skis.com  Check 'em out. Will review them for a freeride site later on this winter.
Got some new business today, illustrations for new magazine Position. Cool, January is soon gone, thank you. it's always a slow month.

lördag 26 januari 2008

The indie persona

To start out with the indie-persona, let's begin with the foundation: Restrained.
The indie-person stands very still on stage, and stays very calm and tempered. No emotional outbursts, the indie person should prefferably not get sweaty. The singing should be a bit mumbly, in a mellow tone. No yelling, unless it is some Björk-inspired female.
One could say it is a very well-behaved and clean persona. Maybe middle-class, with some intellectual aspirations. The hair can be a bit messy, or covering the eyes, and the clothing should be toned down, not to disturb the sombre appearance.
The indie artist expresses him/herself more through the lyrics, and a mutual agreement with the audience that the artist is "the shit", than any particular musical excellence, either in an extraordinary voice, or like playing extremely intricate guitar chords.
There are exceptions, in Sweden, for instance, we have an indie artist named Håkan Hellström, who gets really carried away and sweaty on stage. Strangely, he is the biggest indie artist in Sweden.
Next posting will be about the rock'n'roll persona.

torsdag 24 januari 2008

Indie compared to Rock'n'roll

Next posting will be a comparison between the Indie-rock or pop stage persona, compared to the stage persona of the more traditional rock'n'roll-person. Like an in-depth analysis and comparison of the two, and what makes them tick. Should be interesting, huh?

onsdag 23 januari 2008

An epic posting!

A hot word to use for all extreme-sports dudes right now is epic. "Wow, I skied this peak in Valdez, and dude, it was totally epic!"
Therefore, I'd like to say that this was an epic blog-posting!

tisdag 22 januari 2008

The Lauryn Hill - Axl Rose connection

Too bad she couldn't get it together this time either. Ms Hill is mainly rehashes of her old songs from Miseducation. Kinda reminds me of Axl Rose and his Chinese Democracy project. (What kinda name is that anyway...there's no democracy in China, and irony went away with the 90's.)
Sometimes you just want these old stars that got too hyped to get it together once more. I bet they'll both be back in their 50's. When they've chilled a bit. Ok, but don't bother getting any Lauryn-tracks now, y'all. Sad.

Lauryn Hill...WTF...LAURYN HILL!

Nu album.... wow... will let ya know soon!

Lauryn, the best voice after Aretha... hope it's a good one this time...please!

More Cloverfield

What was weird in a good way with Cloverfield is how real-life like it all felt with the shaky hand-cam. Sort of dreamlike. I felt when I woke up this morning that the movie had sort of gotten into my subconscious, because my dreams were influenced by the movie. Good work!

New gigs

Just got in some website work for Kungpartner, and some illustration work for Onoff via OTW. Will post new interesting stuff on the site as I am finished with it.

måndag 21 januari 2008

Godzilla+Alien in a Dogma movie

Wow, I just saw Cloverfield. Interesting, the whole monsterflick-NY-megamonster-Thrashdown was shot with a videocam in total amateur style. Must have been very cheap to make. We could have made that in Sweden even. I guess it would qualify under the Dogma manifesto too, all handheld cheap-o video quality. It was thrilling, a bit drawn out at some scenes, but the low-qual really works, and makes it feel authentic. Congrats to the makers of it, they'll be rolling in clover soon...


Cloverfield sounds like a pretty interesting film, by the creator of Lost, a writer from Buffy. Will see it real soon, will let you know.

fredag 18 januari 2008


Thought it was possible to include links,
ok, go to youtube, search for "konie life is shit".

Great tune

Sometimes one just gets blown away buy a rock tune.
How can they sound like Primal Scream, but really inspired?
Thought it was them first.
Why do they have such a strange name? Konie. Were all cool names taken?
The title of the song is just great.
They look kinda old.
They are from Sweden.
How can they be so good?
I bet they don't have any more good songs?
And the text is great too.
Great sound.
Check it yourself: