tisdag 30 september 2008

Stockholm Skate Legends

The two dudes who will go down in the Swedish Skateboarding Hall of Fame as the founding fathers of Highvalley Skatepark at Högdalen in Stockholms Suburbs. Ants Neo and Johan Sandstrom. They have been working 9 years for this. This is a message to us all: Never give up on your dreams, and pretty much anything is possible. Sk8 on, dudes!

måndag 29 september 2008

Dungen is backsprungen from dee shwungen

Have you heard Dungen? Swedish great prog/psychedelic rock band sounding like some stoned out prog/folk/rock combo from the '70's, only cooler & better, somehow. The dude behind the band's name is Gustav Estjes, claiming not to be a prog rocker (proggers were far left). Here is a song (he don't make that many videos) from the new album #4:

torsdag 25 september 2008

Californication # 1 & 2 '08

Just saw them, the show is as good as before. It has gotten wilder, rowdier and more explicit with lots of nasty, dirty dialogue. A bit better if you ask me. one is starting to get attached to Duchovny's screwed up character.
The only time the show stalls is when his ex-wife gets in a scene. I don't know what it is with that woman, but the scenes she's in are always boring, and one loses attention of the show. She's just like a blank paper with high cheekbones. A Dr House-like character enters the show, who is an even worse guy at womanizing and drinking than Duchovny. Quite funny! If you're a feminist, don't watch, you'll go postal! And how funny/cool is it not that the daughter looks exactly like emo-cartoon character Emily The Strange!

Entourage # 1 & 2 '08

Just watched them, seems to me they have dumbed down the show just a little, making it more like a lad mag than before. Anyone remember the lad mags of the 90's like Loaded? Anyhow, they let Vince have loads of chicks, much more than before, and Ari is meaner than ever. Johnny Drama starts getting roles, while Vince flopped out with Medellin, and is unhot. It is watchable, not as sharp as before, but still funny. If you're a feminist, don't watch, you'll go bananas.

Le Disco Stylee St Tropez

Fun legendary club one-shouldn't-miss when in St. Tropez, free entrance, but hey, the Champagne was NOT free! Crowded with what we in Sweden call "Stekare". Les hommes with large expensive watches, top brand shirts unbuttoned below the chest, Les femmes in designer dresses, high heel shoes and tons of gold jewelry. All gulping insanely pricey Champagne like there is no financial market downturn whatsoever. Mixed ages, actually had a pretty good time there.

Le French Stylee

Just got back from the Riviera, had a great time. Very interesting trip to Marseille, St Tropez, and Moustiers St Marie in the mountains.
Very flippant is the dude-styles of St Tropez. Unbutton ze shirt!

torsdag 18 september 2008

Europe's largest skatepark to be built in Stockholm

Great news for anyone interested in outdoors sports in the surf category. The guys at Stockholm Sub Surfers, Ants Neo and Johan Sandstrom, to name a few, have done a fantastic job getting the 3 million Euros needed to build a park that will be truly amazing. This will make Stockholm even hipper, and draw skaters from all over the world to Stockholm. Hope they will get a few Euros more and put at roof over the whole thing, since Sweden is a bit close to the north pole to be able to have skateable weather too many days of the short summer.
Read more: http://highvalleyskatepark.blogspot.com/

tisdag 16 september 2008

More 3D

I'm starting to get a little bit into Z-Brush:

Damien Hirst helluva guy

Congrats, this guy is a marketing genious. He sells for 125 million US dollars in one day, and there is more stuff to be sold. He's (his assistants, mostly) been working a year and a half producing 225 items to sell. He sells through Sothebys since there he has to give only half the commissions compared to an art gallery, that charges 50%.
Wow, one can only salute the guy.

måndag 15 september 2008

fredag 12 september 2008

Palin Longstocking

This lady is bit of an amateur, she's a Pippi Longstocking of politics, usually winging her way around questions. Do Americans really buy her unprofessional retoric?
Maybe housewives will like her?
Here's the big interview on ABC, where she comes out not even knowing what The Bush Doctrine is...!

onsdag 10 september 2008

måndag 8 september 2008

Michael Moore's Slacker Uprising

You can say many bad things about Michael Moore, but hey, he IS a pain in the butt for GWB and his sponsors in the oil- and weapons industries, and there are too few who dare to stand up for their opinion in these times of nasty US politics.
MM's got a new movie out, it will be free for download Sept 23rd. I see Michael on Larry King right now, and what is freaky to me personnally, is that MM is interviewed from a bowling alley in Traverse City, Michigan. I spent 1981 there as a high school senior year exchange student, and this is the first time I hear TC mentioned ever since!
Here's a clip of the new MM movie:

söndag 7 september 2008

Larry David by Ricky Gervais

Larry David hardly ever gives interviews, mostly because he thinks they suck, but there is a one hour long clip of Ricky Gervais interviewing Larry out there. Really great, sincere stuff, from two clever top dogs of comedy. Soon I'll write a little something about it.

fredag 5 september 2008

Anyone remember Guy Richie?

Lock stock was fab, and he had another one called Snitch, (I think) that also was fab. He's got a new one out called Rocknrolla. Cool title, did Maddie come up with that one? Wonder what his Kaballah-preachers think of this one? Anyway, interesting trailer:

torsdag 4 september 2008

Hell Ride - Hell, right?

This movie is so nasty and distasteful it's funny. The dialogue is cartoon-cool and miles over the top. The violence is usually just vile and stupid. All the guys are bad, quite old and mean as hell. The women look like 20 year old models. The music is good. The graphics are cool. The bike scenes are a drooler for any badboy biker dude.
What more can you ask for? Smartness, maybe, but since Quentin is involved, at least it's semi smart. Fun set of actors: Dennis Hopper, David Carradine, Vinnie Jones (UK footballer) and Michael Madsen. Directed and starred by biker movie legend director Larry Bishop. All dudes have extremely hoarse voices, maybe they get that way from all the dust and fumes and bad whiskey? Anyhow, if you dig culty Americana with a Tarantino flair, this is a must. Very violent, see it as a cartoon movie. Seen on my Iphone.

Super 3D-program, now for the Mac

ZBrush, the most interesting 3D-program is out on Mac Sept 29th:

Palin delivered, following a good script

Sarah Palin delivered a solid speech, but she sounded a lot like someone who had learned a script very well. Can she deliver as good under debate-pressure? We'll see. She had the whole family on-stage, including 17 year old pregnant daughter, and wide-eyed hockey boyfriend, facing a "shotgun wedding".
Here is a clip of McCain and her getting to know each other, they had hardly met until a few weeks ago:

onsdag 3 september 2008

White Trash Wedding

My god, what has McCain done? Don't the Republicans have any people up in Alaska that could have checked out the Palin's before the nomination? Now the poor hockey kid has to get married...Why can't the Republicans read Freakanomics? Unwanted pregnancies are one of the world's biggest problems humanitywise...

tisdag 2 september 2008

Tom Green's Web Talk Show

Wow, check this out, Tom is always a bit loopy, outrageous, funny and, shall we say alternative? www.tomgreen.com