torsdag 19 februari 2009

New work (3D)

Just fininshed an illustration for a magazine. The text reads: Darling, I think they figured out it was me who stole the adhesive tape. Maybe the strped suit mede them suspicious!

fredag 13 februari 2009

Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm

Supermarket is the name of a returning indie, artist-driven, art show in Stockholm. It is going on now and until Sunday, at Hotel Clarion South. The show is very indie, and always entertaining, with plenty of mysterious galleries, as well as some established ones. I hope they sell a little in these times of crisis, but hey, which artist wants to be a sellout? hehe.

måndag 9 februari 2009

Morrissey nude

Check out the cover for Morrisseys vinyl edition of the single I'm throwing my arms around Paris:

Wing - Madonna, move over! and ABBA! AC/DC!

Wing Han Tsang (曾詠韓), popularly known simply as Wing, is a New Zealand singer of Hong Kong origin.

Having taken up singing as a hobby after immigrating to New Zealand, Wing gained an audience by entertaining patients at nursing homes and hospitals in and around Auckland. This prompted suggestions that she release a CD; the result was a debut entitled Phantom of the Opera, featuring the title song from the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, and a selection of other popular tunes to the accompaniment of a programmed arranger keyboard.

The recording proved a success, leading to a number of subsequent releases of cover versions that eventually gained her an international audience.

In recent years she has appeared on such shows as SportsCafe and Rove Live. She guest starred on South Park in an episode named for her that was first broadcast in March 2005. On the DVD commentary for this episode, series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone explain that she had to approve her cartoon likeness before allowing her music to be used. Parker also says he received a letter of thanks from her for the sales boost she enjoyed as a result of the episode.

In addition to recordings, Wing has made various appearances in her current homeland of New Zealand, like Massey University Orientation in Wellington.[1]

On 21 August 2007, Wing made her U.S. debut in San Francisco.[2] Wing performed at the 2008 South by Southwest festival.[3]

It was confirmed on 1 May 2008 that she would perform at Radio 1's Big Weekend 2008 and that she would be performing a special piece for the first time.[4]

At Radio 1's Big Weekend, Wing sang at the BBC introducing stage, and performed the songs Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia and Candle in the Wind. Scott Mills brought her to the Radio 1 listeners during his drivetime shows, and had to personally fly Wing over so she could sing at the Festival at Maidstone.

Wing appeared on New Zealand's music TV station, C4, in June 2008 for their series Rocked The Nation, singing a popular New Zealand classic.

Wing is also reported to be starring on the main stage at Glastonbury in 09', following a recent increase of record sales in the UK. Her latest album "Down With The Brothers" has wing supported by famous rappers Jay-Z and Snoop Dog with her single 'In The Ghetto' being re-released in the UK.

onsdag 4 februari 2009

Crisis logo

Just getting into 3D program Cinema 4D:

Illa J - totally okay

Haven't heard of Illa J before, but man, this seems to be a good album, his "Yancey Boys" from Nov '08. Apparently themed on his brother, J Dilla, a hip hop producer who died a few years ago. They were both from Detroit, Illa J now relocated to...LA.
Check it out, tasteful, soulish, laid back old skoolish hip hop. No Autotune!

måndag 2 februari 2009

Morrissey: Years of Refusal - album review

1. Something is squeezing my skull: Uptempo, almost punky, a bit chirpy refrain, Good!
2. Mama lay softly on the riverbed: Sad, angry song about "Mama", who seems to have been driven to "do it" by some moneymen, whose throats Moz will slit. Army march drumbeat. Intense stuff for a pop song. Good and sad. Church piano in the finale.
3. Black Cloud: Another quick number, serious, sad Morrissey, having an Ingmar Bergman-day? Good song!
4. I'm throwing my arms around Paris: Sounds like The Smiths a bit, except for a dominating piano, a little romantic, classic Moz-pop, good one.
5. All you need is me: A Moz rocker, with some distorted guitars. A personal song to someone who has dissed him probably. Very good!
6. When last I spoke to Carol: Strange groove on this one, fast paced, Spanish sounding horns, definitely allright.
7. That's how people grow up: Distorted guitars, cowbell!, some accordion. Very good. Classic Morrissey stuff.
8. One day goodbye will be farewell: Uptempo, very fast drums, medium paced singing in the droned Moz romantic style. Good. Chirpy refrain. Spanish horns!
9. It's not your birthday any more. Starts out really toned down, but grows into the liveliest one so far, with a howling Moz. Joy Division drums. Strange song. Good!
10. You were good in your time: Moz's song titles often crack me up. Like this one. Starts with super slow jazz drums, strings. A ballad. Stops towards the end, with just various radio static going on. Cool.
11. Sorry doesn't help: Another uptempo number. Sorry, Moz, first impression says it's a weak song. (For being a Moz song)
12. Im OK by myself: Uptempo, that slows down for the chorus, Nice one.
All in all a good Morrissey album. It does not contain a "First of the gang to die" hit, but it is surely prime Morrissey, with the usual clever, ironic and fun lyrics.

söndag 1 februari 2009