tisdag 28 juli 2009

Mick Jones: Museum Boss

They were always the sharpest dressers in new wave rock'n'roll...The Clash. Here's some news from Mick Jones:

The Rock n Roll Public Library is Mick Jones’s (The Clash, B.A.D, Carbon Silicon) direct artistic challenge to the likes of the corporate 02 British Music Experience. Rather than let his creative legacy atrophy Jones is ’transforming’ his own archive of near 10.000 artefacts into one unique ‘guerrilla-library.’ Set under the Westway motorway in 3000 sq.ft of former office space, Jones’s five-week civic endeavour will also encourage visitors to enrol, interact with the archive-exhibition (Jones began collecting well before he formed The Clash in 1976 to eventual international success, as such it forms an invaluable guide to the influences that informed Jones as a pop-artist). Also uniquely by request users will be able to scan (courtesy Genus, U.K distributor of the Book2net Kiosk) certain objects and via memory stick carry them away. Please note visitors to the world’s first, resolutely alternative, Rock n Roll Public Library shouldn’t expect peace and quiet.

tisdag 21 juli 2009

Ze Bruno mofee

Just watched Sacha Baron Cohen's latest movie, Bruno, where he acts as an Austrian Gay TV star trying to become world famous in the USA. The movie is quite full of laughs, and encounters with people easily offended by gay Austrian TV stars. As usual, SBC really goes further in shock value and provocations than any mainstream comedian.
Loved the ending sequence with Bruno's take on "Wa Are The World", featuring Bono, Sting, Slash, Snoop, Elton John and the guy who married Gwyneth:

måndag 20 juli 2009

Jack White's got another baby:

Jack White of The White Stripes has got a third band going. As if the super success of hipster garage du TWS was not enough, he also got running with side project The Raconteurs. If you ask me, The Raconteurs are not remotely as good as TWS, but still have some fine moments. To make great rock, you need a few components. I'd say the singer is no. 1 on the list. Second is a unique guitarist. Jack White is both. Third on the list are the songs. Now, TWS has got all these components checked. The Raconteurs are good when Jack sings. If not, they are a bit average.
Now, on Jack's third project, The Dead Weather, they have a better singer in Alison Mosshart from The Kills, another garage dude/chick duo I have hyped here previously. However, she is not even closely as good as Jack, so when he sings, the whole band takes off. Jack is the drummer of the band actually, which is extra-weird!
Otherwise, after watching this video, the idea of Jack's new band's got to be: Let's make the f*ckin' coolest rock sh*t ever, a band Tarantino could be a fan of.

torsdag 9 juli 2009

Michael Jackson Credit

My seven year old daughter has a bad crush on (white...) Michael Jackson, and watches his music videos over and over. Well, I have to watch a lot too, since I have to help her with starting the player. One thing that strikes me is that MJ truly was an incredible dancer. Hardly no one in showbiz can dance like he did, especially in his "prime". Check out this mix:

Marko Djurdjevic - Marvelous Superhero stuff

Great superhero Marvel cover artist:

Interview and article on Wired:

tisdag 7 juli 2009

Why Michael Jackson died

Just watched a Dr. Gupta on CNN, who is their expert on medicine. He was "surprised" that Diprivan was given to Jackson.

CNN: "The drug Diprivan, known by its generic name Propofol, is administered intravenously in operating rooms as a general anesthetic.

Last week, a nutritionist -- Cherilyn Lee -- said Jackson pleaded for the drug despite being told of its harmful effects, because he had difficulty falling asleep.

Sources close to Jackson told CNN that the insomniac singer traveled with an anesthesiologist who would "take him down" at night and "bring him back up" during a world tour in the mid-'90s."

So there it is. Anyone can understand that putting a person to sleep with anesthetics must take a toll on the person's body. That's why Michael died: Overusing anesthetics.

Sad way to go, and what about the Doctor's that gave it to him? If he just paid them enough, they would give him anything, probably?

What can one say? Stay off (all) drugs unless you are really sick, kids!

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