fredag 28 augusti 2009

torsdag 27 augusti 2009

Hitler learns that the Avatar trailer sucks.

Very funny. Someone put English spoof subtitles on the German Hitler movie, and made it be about Hitler's disappointment in The Avatar trailer. Clever!

tisdag 25 augusti 2009

District 9 - South African Space-prawns Attack!

Peter Jackson has produced this movie which apparently is charting as no.1 in the USA. I've seen half, and it is a highly entertaining flick. Intelligent, weird, funny and scary. The lead character, a Borat-like person is incredible. The prawns, as the aliens are called, look scary and creepy enough. Will write more as I've seen the whole thing. As stated in the headline, the movie is South African. Go Mandela!
(Added later: Yes, the movie is a must-see, thrilling, with lots of cool SFX towards the ending. Including a great classical sad end.)

German "Borat-like" Politician might get 20% of voters!

lördag 22 augusti 2009

Sorry, Mr Cameron

I liked the 3D work, thought it looked spectacular in a semi-realistic way. The style of the movie is a bit odd, though. Lots of fantasy thrown in. Is the movie targeted at a very young audience?

Anyhow, I showed it to my boys, 10 and 12 years old, the verdict was tuff:

"Avatar, what a dorky name, that's a kids show on Nickelodeon!" and "I'm not gonna watch that movie, the trailers for Halo looks better than that!"

fredag 21 augusti 2009

Stacy Peralta's next gig after Dog Town

Stacy Peralta, skateboard legend turned documentary film maker has a new docu-movie out called Bloods & Crips, Made in America. You have most likely seen Dog Town & The Z-Boys, his first full length documentary about the history of skateboarding from 2001. In retrospect one might conclude that the Dog Town-movie finally gave skateboarding the respect and credibility it sort of lacked. It also spawned a feature movie called Lords of Dogtown, that were quite a big success.

Now, Made in America is the background history of the black community in Los Angeles. Why there ia so much violence, about the drug trade, leading to turf wars and the rise of the notorious gangs; Bloods & Crips. The movie is very touching, giving you an insight into what makes a 14 year old black kid grab a gun and go out on the streets killing what could be his relatives. Anyone the least bit into hip hop and especially gangsta rap and the west coast sound should check this movie out.

It should also be mandatory for kids in schools at gang infested neighborhoods to see this movie, it will surely take some of the coolness out of being a "G". This movie could really help educating coming generations, and could probably, if shown as much as possible, mean a lot in uniting the black community of LA. Maybe in the same sense as the Dog Town movie meant a lot to the sport of skateboarding. There will surely be a feature film coming out based on this documentary as well. Spike Jones maybe? Spike Jonze? - Too white...?

torsdag 6 augusti 2009

Touchable holograms (Holography)

Soon we'll be all touchy-feely with our computers, my guess is this can come to use in the gaming industry firstly:

onsdag 5 augusti 2009

tisdag 4 augusti 2009

Ben Stiller is online. After decades of ignoring the Internet he finally caved and got Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts. Unfortunately, his family's not quite there yet, so Stiller hired actors to play them: