onsdag 24 februari 2010

New DEVO song

Mark Mothersbaugh has made a new tune that sounds old school DEVO allright, and the title "Fresh" makes it applicable to all sorts of product endorsements. There is apparently a new album on its way, actually with the first new DEVO material in 20 years. Check it out Spudboys and -girls!

Listen here: http://www.hitfix.com/articles/2010-2-23-listen-new-devo-track-fresh-new-material-after-20-years-in-wait

If you want to see more recent DEVO activities, check ">this out:

tisdag 23 februari 2010

Fugly dude

Working on my Cinema 4D skills, learning how to do eyes, fur, sculpting a character, and so on:

onsdag 17 februari 2010

Papa Bear showin' off hot dance moves

Winter Olympics Heating Up. Shaun White's on 2nite.

As Pharell in N.E.R.D. raps in a song: Time for some action! (Snowboard pipe qualifications and finals tonight. Watching Shaun White ride is like hearing some genious like Mozart's music.)

Lasek says: Pools get HUGE!

me likey, being an old skool skater I always want to go for a surf styled skating. Lasek's pushing for big pools. I completely agree:

One on One: Bucky Lasek - A funny movie is a click away

söndag 14 februari 2010

torsdag 11 februari 2010

It might get (guitar) nerdy

If you are at all interested in guitar players, you should definitely check out documentary "It Might Get Loud" from 2008. Jack White, Jimmy Paige and The Edge get together for a session and talk about their musicianship, pedals, effects, and what inspires them. Jack and Jimmy are pure legends, what The Edge is doing there I really don't get, but I guess it's because of his originality. A defining moment of the film is when Paige churns out the riffs from Whole Lotta Love live in front of The Edge and Jack White. The glow in their eyes tells us they are experiencing a magic moment.
Towards the end, all three start jamming. Jimmy and Jack gets into a bluesy groove, but The Edge just can't get into the flow, he's simply not a blues-based guitarist. More of a pluckety-plickety kinda player. Which works just great for U2.
Anyway, if you are into rock and guitars, this one is a must: Here's a clip from a TV show about the movie:

tisdag 9 februari 2010

Men of a Certain Draginess

Men Of A Certain Age is about middle aged men. Well, being there myself I figured this series ought to communicate with me. It doesn't very much. This show is just plain boring. The intelligence and whit of another show about middle aged plus men, Curb Your Enthusiasm, is interstellar, while MOACA crawls around on the wall to wall carpeting without any tendencies to liftoff. If you haven't watched TV since The Cosby Show, this could work for you. Otherwise, there are tons of more fun shows with middle aged guys like Eastbound & Down, The Office, you name it!

Spinal Tap for real

This is not exactly new, Canadian metal heroes Anvil, in a fun and heartwarming documentary about never letting go of your dreams. As good as a metal documentary can get, funny, sad and heartwarming. And how playing the guitar with a dildo can make you a metal star for fifteen minutes. Don't cut your hair, ever, dude!

The next big name in hip hop?

If you ask me it's Miami rapper Jack Splash. Dayum, this is good stuff, based on the Godfather of Funk, JB, and with a killer chorus by Cee-Lo from Gnarles Barkley:

Download his two great mixtapes for your fave mp3 playa: