torsdag 28 oktober 2010

The Social Net-Nerd

Watched The Social Network here on vacation in Spain. Good movie with very strong dialogue, script by Alan Sorkin. Interesting to see how Zuckerberg, who is portrayed as a super-nerd, basically smkokes all his friends and everyone who wants to team up with him initially. Makes one wonder why all the betrayals, a guess is that he, from being a bit nerdy, was paying back on all jocky successful types, who might have been, maybe disrespectful to him growing up. But hey, it's a movie, I have no clues on Zuckerberg's real background. Impressive career, to say the least.

onsdag 27 oktober 2010

Double-O-Machete Mexploitation

Just watched Bobby Rodriguez latest flick here from Spain on my Ipad. Seems suitable to watch a Hispanic adventure such as Machete from here. Anyhow, if you dig Rodriguez, you won't be disappointed. This Danny Trejo vehicle is as bad, gory and mexploitaitional as a meal at Taco Bell. What Rodriguez is doing is building a Mexican take on James Bond, and he does it on the lighter side. Great co-stars for Danny Trejo, here, such as Robert DeNiro, Don Johnson, Cheech Marin, Lindsay Lohan and Steven Segal, make this one a juicy Burrito... Sorry!

söndag 24 oktober 2010

Yes He Kanye

Kanye is not your ordinary, pimps'n'hoes, down on the corner hip hop guy. Kanye is a musical genius. Kanye is pretentious. Kanye is probably bipolar. To me, Kanye hit a career low a few years ago, became a pop artist. He's back to form again, probably better than ever. Here is a 35 minute mini movie he's directed himself around his upcoming album. It's epic hip hop stuff. Very pretentious, very cool, strong music. Super duper. Watch the whole thing:

onsdag 20 oktober 2010

Mad Men 3D Office floor plan

Check out this 3D Office Plan Infographic made by MM Maniac Tadej Strok:

tisdag 19 oktober 2010

Kenny, I'm your father

Eastbound & Down ep 4 s2 delivers as always. Kenny helps his Mexican girlfriend on her singing carreer, by taking her to the team owner's studio. Well you can imagine things fly out the window soon enough. Stevie finds his first girlfriend, but has to dump her, because Kenny gets dumped by his, who hooks up with the millionaire team owner/producer. Of course, nwo Kenny must get really high and drunk, and make a total ass of himself in front of the team. Well anyway, in the end he meets his "pops", who turns out to be... Don Johnson. Great show, very different from Mad Men, but just as captivating. They smoke and drink about as much on both shows, actually.

Mad Men Season Finale

Well, all in all my love for Mad Men haven't faded after season four. It's still captivating drama, with top notch acting, and an amazing attention to detail in creating the '60's atmosphere. The ending where Don marries felt maybe a little desperate, like, we have to have a dramatic ending of the season, to keep them coming back for more in season 5. Anyhow, great show, which beats any drama movie.

fredag 15 oktober 2010

Classic Kanoa Surf skateboard helmets

For old school skaters, or anybody who have seen the pictures from the big skateboarding wave of the '70's, the helmet choice of anybody cool, was the Flyaway® helmet from Kanoa® Surf. They are back now, hand made by Mr. Von Wolf in his work shop near Dog Town. You can have one custom painted any way you want. Prices vary depending on complexity of graphics. From $199.

Here's the web adress:

Mindblowing Skating at Bucky Lasek's

Being a skateboarder myself, I can't help being totally blown away by the height of the airs in this here video:

tisdag 12 oktober 2010

Eastbound Southbound

Just seen episode 3 of season 2. Very funny as always. Kenny and Steve are adjusting to their "hispanic adventure", and Kenny is finally getting some baseball recognition as "White Flame", a name Stevie made up, which Kenny hates. Kenny is also deeply in love. Fun to see the evil Indian midget from ep 1 is back. Strong script with the usual white trashy outrageous dialogue.

måndag 11 oktober 2010

Banksy making movies

Hey, just got a tip about new works from Banksy. Apparently he's making little films now. You won't look at Simpsons the same way after seeing Banksy's comment:

söndag 10 oktober 2010

The Office US - Sweeney Todd!

Andy Bernard in an amateur theatre group doing Sweeney Todd. Brilliant episode. Seems as if they have two crews writing scripts. Ep 01 was super fun, and also had musical parts in it. ep 02 was cruder and meaner, still fun, but cheaper laughs. Ep 03, once more has musical bits, and is just brilliant fun. Well written, and the usual squirmish embarrassment. Top notch TV comedy! Should I skip ep 04?

tisdag 5 oktober 2010

The Office season 7: Last dance with Michael

Have watched two eps of The Office US, and especially ep 1 was fantastic, and as strong as ever. As usual, the feel of the workplace is totally miserable, the furniture and office decoration is really dull. Working at a place like Dunder Mifflin in Scranton would be horriffic in real life. However, since this show is jam-packed with extremely vapid, mean, vain, stupid, clever, obnoxious and fun characters, every day at work there goes totally out of control. Great show, glad they are back, and that they still are very funny after seven seasons.

You know I'm Mad, I'm Mad, really really Mad, Men

Mad Men season 4 is up to episode 9 as far as I know, and is maintaining it's amazingly high qualty level. The detailwork is top notch, the acting superb, everybody's still boozing it up and smoking fags like there was no tomorrow. If anything is new, this season contains more drinking and loose living than previously. Love this show, TV never was better than Mad Men, I guess.

söndag 3 oktober 2010

TV show Outsourced is More In than Out

Just watched s01e01 of new TV show Outsourced. Very funny, smart, and, sweet show. About a young guy who is a manager of a callcenter in Kansas City, whose entire company gets outsourced, and he has to move to India to manage his new local staff. This show is smart, witty and feels modern, and it does NOT have a laugh track, like SMDS, which is so 80's.

lördag 2 oktober 2010

Shit my dad says - fun as tweets, boring as sitcom

Usually I try not to diss stuff here on this blog, but hey, to keep up with pop culture, I gotta watch all sorts of stuff. Anyway, a fun Twitter account I was following was one called "Shit my dad says", which was from this kid, writing down fun stuff his obnoxious old dad said. Now, this blog was a huge success, and I remebered it having a massive number of followers. So I was amazed to see the guy behind the account on TV when I was in LA this summer. He already had a book out, and a sitcom was in the making. Anyway, the sitcom is out, starring William Shatner as the shitsayng dad. Turns out it's one of them oldfashioned sitcoms with a laugh track. Feels kinda like watching a white foulmouthed version of Cosby. It blows, quite frankly. Sad.