onsdag 26 januari 2011

Easy A - Top scoring teen flick

Smart teen movie, great dialogue, super fun parents, teachers and religious teens. A clever little comedy about a serious subject, when kids spread rumours.

måndag 24 januari 2011

The Office Season 7 Ep 13: Brilliant

The Office US is almost always brilliant comedy. Still in the 7th season the show is as edgy and squirmishly embarrassing as initially.

My guess is they have two teams writing scripts, where one team is really evil and quite funny, and the other less evil, and funnier. Both are good! This is since every other episode is really mean spirited.

Unfortunately I could not find anything on Youtube from ep 13, you simply have to find it for yoself.

Spartacus Season 2: Reboot

Just watched the premiere of Spartacus, season 2. Since the lead actor had some health issues, apparently, they had to find another solution. What they did was a reboot, they went "back" in time a few years, where for instance Crixus is a newbie, and another dude is the main gladiator. A kind of 80's metal party dude, all smiles, livin' it to the max. How is the episode? Very violent, of course, and more sex too. They just went for more of everything that made season 1 a smash hit I guess. Watch a trailer of Spartacus, Gods of the Arena:

fredag 21 januari 2011

Making Music

I've been getting into music making lately. Here are some tracks if you wanna listen:

My playlist of seven tracks:

My "artist page":

onsdag 19 januari 2011

Whutta Trailer - Green Lantern ON!

I like most of Seth Rogen's stuff, and the FX on this one, and, finally, a superhero movie in 3D!

måndag 17 januari 2011

True grit a true hit

Just watched the Cohen Bro's latest flick. It's a remake of a '69 John Wayne western. Is it any good? Yes it is. Is it featuring a 14 year old girl in the lead? You bet. Is Matt Damon from Brokeback Mountain in it? You bet. Is he gay here? Nope. Is Jeff (The Dude) Bridges in it? Yes. can you hear what he says? Hardly. Is Josh Brolin in it? Yes. Is he as good as in No Country? Small part. Is there gratuitous violence? Yes. Is there lot's of firearms being shot with? You bet? Is there lots of horses? Yes, a flock. Is there baddies with bad teeth? Enough for a dentist's convention. What did I think. It was good, touching, boring, became very thrilling, and had a gritty ending. Would I recommend it. Sure! Is it as good as No Country For Old Men? Not even close. But good.