fredag 29 augusti 2008

Ice Cube melting from Global Warming?

Woddup widdiz? Ice Cube's new album is not filled with gangsta clichés, but instead he seems to have wisened up and become aware of society like Kanye, Common and Talib, to name a few. Cool. I'm not sure about this, but this album sounds better, and cooler than The Game's. The production is heavier, harder, but cooler. Does that make sense?

torsdag 28 augusti 2008

Like he delivers!

What an amazing speaker, what a fantastic speach. Hope he is sincere, and it's not all talk, like usual. My guess is he means it a bit more than the average suititician. Say, he really means and will try to come through on about 75% of what he claims for. If that is true, things couldn't be much better for USA. Go Obama-lama!

onsdag 27 augusti 2008

The Dorkiest Dance Scene Ever?

This is just too much fun. Watch a young 80's Kevin Bacon "Dancing his ass off" as they would have said back then, being mad at teachers and nasty jocks at his new high school. The fun starts almost at half the video, but it's definitely worth watching, you'll get a few hysterically funny minutes. What were they thinking? What did Kevin think of it? Was he okay with the moves? Who choreographed it? Paula Abdul?

Zach's got a new bag - I mean band

One Day As A Lion is the name of the band, consisting of Zach de la Rocha (of Rage Against The Machine, of course) and Mars Volta drummer Jon Theodore. Sounds good, and if Zach's in it, it's definitely got more soul and rock'n'roll into it than most any other band. Not for the soft RnB-fans out there.
The name comes from a photo of a graffiti tag on a LA wall from the seventies: "It's better to live one day as a lion, than a thousand years as a lamb".
No videos, but listen here on Youtube:

Here is their home page:

tisdag 26 augusti 2008

The Game Getting Paid in Full

In the hit-sounding song "Money" the LA-man drops "Air Force Ones" (Nike shoes) and "McDonald's". Great, he'll get a few bucks off of that, however, it feels a bit cheap, don't it?

måndag 25 augusti 2008

Dick Dale is still among us!

I just assumed he was not around, since he really hasn't made that much new material one would have heard since the 60's, but there he was, on TV's Monster Garage.
He looked better in the 60's, but he didn't have a comb-over ponytail hairdo with a headband and a hot pink wifebeater shirt back then either. Anyways, here's an old video:

And here's a new one:

However, a legendary guitarist he is, sad he's more into playing his guitar than keeping up his fashion sense.

The Game's back in da game.

Remember cruising down LA's freeways zapping between the two fantastic radio stations, one of them playing mostly new wave, hosted by, among others, Steve Jones from The Sex Pistols. The other great station was Power 106, who broadcast hip hop, the commercial top list stuff in the daytime, and more hardcore gritty mixtape-stuff at night.
One of the most LA-obsessed rappers is The Game. His LA-tattoo on his chin definitely proves he's representing. His rap is melodic, coming out of the hood, being a west coast-rapper, of course his style is melodic, laid back. His albums are always good, and this one is no different. It's got Dr. Dre in there, and Kanye, producing. Almost every song has a guest artist, and it's a bit of a rap Super Star Showdown goin' on.
However, first impressions are good, it seems that The Game is keeping his game top notch, and this will stay in my headphones for a while. Check out his new face tattoo BTW, it's a big red star on his right cheekbone. Keep it real, fo sho!

lördag 23 augusti 2008

Tropical Blunder

Have watched half Tropical Thunder on my Iphone, thinking it's a weird movie. It's one of these movies about a movie-production gone wrong. This one spoofs all Vietnam movies. The whole thing is confusing. It's smart as the same time as it's silly and lame. It's both appealing to the duh-crowd as well as the super-tongue-in cheek hipsters. Jack Black is in it, but he doesn't get to be funny. It's both super-violent as well as a comedy. It just feels a bit too uncertain about where the director wanted to go. If you saw the Entourage-episodes about the Medellin-movie you can imagine what this feels like. Interesting, however, kinda like passing by a car crash, hard not to watch:

Great chopper-scenes however, all done in 3D-programs of course, looking better than ever.

fredag 22 augusti 2008

Patrik Sjoberg, come back, all is forgiven!

Sweden is fluking quite bad in the Olympics, usually we win like 4 golds, but this time, none. Might be time for 80's icon Patrik Sjoberg, about 44 years, to consider a comeback? He was world champion in high jumping, with a world record of 242 centimeters. His style was flamboyant, always a partier, with hockey hair and trendy 80's clothes, Wayfarers and all. He usually puffed on a cigarette between jumps. A couple of years ago he was busted for cocaine. Who would have thought?

onsdag 20 augusti 2008

Nathan Barley Episode 1-6

If you haven't seen this, and are the least bit interested in pop culture you should immediately download it. The series were originally broadcast on BBCs Channel 4 2005.
Nathan Barley is like a character from Vice Magazine's staff coming to life. Totally void of human emotion living a life of a hipster guerilla-web-club kid. Very funny and equally disturbing. There are rumours of a new season, however, three years make it seem slim.
Check the scene where Nathan gets fooled into getting a ridiculous hairstyle, get laughed out of a club, then stopped by a Tokyo TV crew on his way out, them thinking he's the hippest thing they've ever seen:

måndag 18 augusti 2008

Black Devil Disco Hoax

Their original ep is not from 1978, however. it's catchy groovy french house back on the scene again. See this video and you'll understand. Anyhow, their album is worth a listen:

fredag 15 augusti 2008

Obama VS. McCain Musical Smackdown

Here's my fifty cents on Obama and McCain's favourite songs from the lists published by Blender:


1. Ready or Not Fugees

Beautiful song, Lauryn Hill's got on of the best soul voices ever.

2. What's Going On Marvin Gaye

It's hard to complain on this soft soul classic. Also smart since it is a social commentary.

3. I'm On Fire Bruce Spingsteen

Smart move to show a kinship with the liberal white folks. Ok song, but why not Streets of Philadelphia?

4. Gimme Shelter Rolling Stones - Classic song, and also to show a kinship with the movie-crowd since this is Scorsese's favourite, featured in several of his films.

5. Sinnerman Nina Simone


6. Touch the Sky Kanye West

Great song, supercool video with Kanye as Evel Knievel, dating Pamela Anderson

7. You'd Be So Easy to Love Frank Sinatra

To move in on the older whitey McCain voters?

8. Think Aretha Franklin

Good tune from the Queen of soul, but what's wrong with Respect?

9. City of Blinding Lights U2

To move in on the around 40 whitey crowd?

10. Yes We Can

His own campaign theme song...


1. Dancing Queen ABBA

Saucy song about this chick dancing disco, Strange!

2. Blue Bayou Roy Orbison

Roy, the king of melodrama!

3. Take a Chance On Me ABBA

Another ditzy tune from SCHMABBA. Did he just see the movie?

4. If We MakeIt Through December Merle Haggard


5. As Time Goes By Dooley Wilson


6. Good Vibrations The Beach Boys

Overplayed song from classic surf pop outfit

7. What A Wonderful World Louis Armstrong

Hmm, couldn't he have chosen Beautiful World by Devo instead?

8. I've Got You Under My Skin Frank Sinatra

He just got a little too black up there.

9. Sweet Caroline Neil Diamond

10. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes The Platters
Wow, he really old, ain't he?

Overall commentary: Why no latin tracks? A little Ricky Martin or Shakira woulda given them a 20 percent voter raise.

tisdag 12 augusti 2008

It's square to be a hipster

This seems very funny in the vein of The Mighty Boosh (The older longhaired guy is in it), but about extremely hip english media wanksters, Check out Nathan Barley (6 episodes are out there):

söndag 10 augusti 2008

Coolympics Kitesurfing

Of course we must have kitesurf, this girl will probably win women's gold!

Coolympics Monster park MTB

This is almost too intense, wish I was 18 again, and made out of Polyurethane and Titanium...

Coolympics Downhill Extreme MTB

Wear pads, guys 'n' girls, wear pads! These are all medal candidates, or should I say mental candidates?

Coolympics Freeride MTB

Wooha, check out these guys, wait till the second half when they really get jumping. mindblowing stuff! Gold and silver to these two!

Coolympics Big Wave Surfing

These dudes, Laird Hamilton and such, who ride these giant mothers of waves will be in the Calibjornia Olympics as well. Gold to Laird!

Some rad shit

Very very good article. Wow. Loved it. Read it, ya hipster.

RIP Crownprince of Blaxploitation

First Curtis Mayfield, now Isaac Hayes. What will become of this world?

Coolympics Skate Vert

Shaun White is this kid who was mainly the worlds greatest snowboarder, but who also skates. Now he's like the world's best skater also. His style is based on super high airs, squeaky clean tricks and rock solid landings. This guy is sick! Gold!

Coolympics instead of Mat Gymnastics

Check out this guy, he wins Gold in Funky Dance.

Coolympics in Calibjornia

Okay, here's the deal. The Olympics are not cool. They are old fashioned, yesterdays news and out of style, pretty much. So therefore, to show how thrilling a modern sports Olympics could be, I will promote the sports that would be included if I had a say. To start out, here is the grand old daddy of Big Air skateboarding, Danny Way, in a bad crash. He would most likely have won gold in the Coolympics.

lördag 9 augusti 2008


I got one, and I really like it. Being a Mac user for 19 years, it's great to finally get a small one in ones pocket. I just read in Swedish media that lots of people complain that the 3G reception is too weak. The same thing happened to me the first day. After a call to the Swedish carrier, old state owned telecom half-commie, Telia, with a wait of 30 minutes, before getting connected to a lady that just hung up and put on a message they were closed... I realised that having the wifi-function on took the 3G out. They should have some smart switch for that.
Anyway, the thing is amazing. The interface is beautiful, slick, snappy and cool. The sound is the best I've ever heard in a handheld device. Downloaded a movie, and it just looked great on the screen. I've waited for this device for ten years plus, to really get internet in my pocket. And the fact that it also is a supreme media player don't make it less primo.
Sony Ericsson and Nokia, take a byte outta that!

onsdag 6 augusti 2008

The next big thing for kids?

This might blow up. Cool concept, create your own little monster-creature, and let it fight and socialize in a 3D environment game thingy, that probably will cost a monthly subscriber fee. The kids will attach to the little things like pets since they create them themselves. Clever!

My car in Africa!

My pimped out Mitsubishi Pajero is a swell ride, but feels wrong these days, even though I actually need a big car since I have three kids. Anyhow, since one has gotten so aware of climate change and all, it just isn't the right thing to do, to drive a gas guzzler like this. The buyer is from Africa, and is driving the car down to Senegal! Trippy, ain't it? His wife is flying in from Lisbon, Portugal, with a wad of dollars, that they will exchange for kronor, and pay cash.
A guy at work here at the big newspaper tells me this is quite common, because gas is dirt cheap down there.
We are the world, as Jacko sang it.

125 000 Kongs are found in Kongo

Great news! Scientists have found 125 000 unknown gorillas in Kongo. This doubles the amount of gorillas in the world. What else will they find in that jungle? Dinosaurs? Aliens? People listening to grunge music?

söndag 3 augusti 2008

Bloggs White People Like:

Super funny blog any white person's gotta read. Applies a lot for Swedes as well!

Last of the Dinosaurs

This new release from BMW's got to be one of the most ill-timed ever. The X6 has got a V8 engine with double turbo's and 400+ hp. Have you heard of Al Gore, BMW?
Anyhow, the car looks super. When is the plug in-hybrid version out?

lördag 2 augusti 2008

Iphone 3G - Gee whiz or just Gee?

I was set on buying one as soon as they started appearing on US Ebay, but have heard a few disappointing features that are missing.
A good and honest review here:
The biggest one is that the Iphone 3G:s bluetooth does not allow stereo music. Do they want us to buy an Ipod also, and have two similar gadgets in our pockets? Myself I have used a Bluetooth (wireless) stereo headset for a year now with my old Sony Ericsson, and was just thinking this stoneage feature was included.
However, you can buy one of these, but it will make the Iphone bulkier, and what if it keeps falling off?
Tried the Iphone 3G at a mall, and it just felt great, but could not believe it when I heard they didn't include the Bluetooth stereo transmission. And how come the camera is so sucky, no video and all.
Shape up, Steve!

fredag 1 augusti 2008

Woddup widdem pants? Part 2

And those pants with number-patches sewed on to the butt. Woddup widdat?

Woddup widdem pants?

When does a fad weigh over, reach critical mass, become so big that the larger group after the early adopters start doing it? I'm right now a bit concerned now over this panty roll-up trend that is popping up in Stockholm. Is that really gonna catch on? Sure hope not! It looked dorky in the 80's, it sure don't look better now.