onsdag 30 juli 2008

Superhero Culture

Have you heard this song? Classic stuff, this girl's got so much talent us mere mortals can just sit back and close our eyes and dig. Soul!

Supafly Ride

If you're not gonna see the new Batman movie because it has too much actors and too little action in it, you can see the best action from the movie right here, This is just beautiful stuff, Battyboy riding his new "Bat Pod":

söndag 27 juli 2008

Superhero movies, acting and digtal effects.

Growing up I was totally into superhero comics, Spiderman, Batman and more odd stuff like Berni Wrightson's Swamp Thing and anything by Jack Kirby. Back then superhero culture was a bit outside of the mainstream, and considered a bad influence on kids. Kind of like computer and console games of today. Anyhow, it is great fun to these days to see superhero movies continually on the big screen, or on a computer near you.
Just saw half the new Batman movie, and here are my 50 cents so far:
In making a superhero movie, what costs most money are digital effects and actors. My guess is effects cost more, since there is so much acting going on in these movies. Batman 5 is no exception. It starts out with some good action fore the first 5 minutes, then they get into an acting spell of like 10 minutes, then a little bit of action, then action for another 10 minutes. Now, this movie contains bona fide actors like: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Heath Ledger, Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman. So inevitably, one gets a lot of acting, and not so much acton in the first half. Agreeably, Heath Ledger is super as The Joker, shaky like Slash in 1989 waiting for a fix of smack.
Byt hey, why do you see a superhero movie? It's because you want a fat bunch of action. My verdict for the next superhero movie: Shorten the movie in half, Batman 5 is 2.5 hours, save cash on fewer actors, and double up the action. More rollercoaster ride, less Hamlet!

torsdag 24 juli 2008

Hell Boy 2 is really just for boys

If you are waiting for HB2 I can inform you that if you expect the same kind of nihilistic, evil vibe as in the first movie, you might become disappointed. This one is more for the kids, streamlined for merchandise sales, hamburger toys, and so forth. Pity.
Will put in video link later, am at work at big newspaper with Explorer that won't cooperate.

fredag 11 juli 2008

Superman on skid row

Hancock was an allright superhero movie, with a different set up, and a big plot twist (which brought the movie down a notch). Good actors like Charlize Theron appear in any superhero movie nowadays, so the genre is definitely established. Or she isn't hot anymore...
Anyways, the most fun was in the first third, when Will Smith's Hancock is a street person (bum) with superpowers, doing drunken rescue missions, wrecking more than he saves. Worth seeing if you are the kinda person who likes superhero "culture". (Who ain't nowadays, except Lars Norén?)

onsdag 9 juli 2008

Is there life after Chem. Bros?

Just downloaded a mix-thing from Simian Mobile Disco. Great band name! It is fifteen remixes of songs from bands such as The Gossip and The Klaxons. SMB are apparently best known for remixes, but also have some material of their own out. Anyhow, this stuff is exactly the kind of house/club/dance music I love to listen to with headphones while excercising, either running, going to the gym, or offpiste skiing. It's extremely groovy, on the move constantly, and gives you this buzzy flow for the excercise. Used to love Chemical Brothers, who unfortunatley have lost their evil groove lately. This is the best music in their vein for a long time. Check them out if you like house or any kind of minimalistic knob-twiddlin' club music!

Not Kiddin' Bout This Kiddie Movie

Saw Kung-Fu Panda with my daughter today. She's six and she just loved it. I liked it too. The movie is just an amazing piece of work. If you compare it to hyped up old Disney-classics like Fantasia from the 50's it just blows that old movie outta the water. If you're a hipster with kids, just see it. Of course the original version with Jack Black doing the voice for the panda is the one to see. If you're a hipster without kids, see it anyway! If you work with creative stuff, this movie is extremely well made, and full of just amazing 3D scenery and animations. Recommended.
A little note to the Swedish movie HQ:s: If the Americans get Jack Black, why do we in Sweden have to end up with some washed out bland cutesie-wootsie musical actor?

tisdag 1 juli 2008

Bun B rappin' 4 GMC n' gettin' paid y'all

Listening to Bun B from UGK's new album (sounds good) and my guess is that Cadillac Escalade (big car with hip hoppers) are paying 5 dollars/radioplay of a song where Escalade or Cadillac Escalade is included in the lyrics. I am at track 9 out of 18, and so far I've heard 2 Escalades.
Anyhow, the album is good, not as good as UGK (it's not as soulfilled), but still better than most.