onsdag 28 april 2010

Sarah Silverman and robots rule, ya dig?

The Sarah Silverman program will be cancelled next season probably. Just watching the new season right now. Some episodes are too trippy. but last night I watched a fantastic one called: Just Breve. Steve and Brian wants to adopt a son, but figures they'll never get accepted, so Steve builds a robot son. Super episode, where Sarah is just a (black, don't ask) narrator.

Here's a video on making Breve the robot:

tisdag 27 april 2010

When is Iron Man 3D out?

The second feature from John Favreau in the Iron Man franchise delivers. The movie is full of bang, and you get what you expect for your buck. Mickey Rourke is great as a Russian fiend of Iron Man's, but something is missing.

I guess it is the little boys' fault. In order to make this a money maker, it can't be too violent to pass the "kids rating". Therefore, there is hardly no blood, no swearing, and definitely no hanky panky with Gwyneth or Scarlett. And after seeing a few features in 3D, Iron Man 2(D) definitely misses out on not being 3D. Imagine seeing Mickey Rourke walking towards you on the F1 course of Monaco, with explosions behind him, and cars and tires flying over your head. Now that woulda been something.
However, if you dig super hero movies, you won't be disappointed. But only in 2d, okay!

tisdag 20 april 2010

Phar Out, Pharrell!

I am a huge fan of Pharrell's music. Apparently he's working with design of furniture, together with a Paris furniture gallery. Well, it's fun to see him, check out that outfit, the hat, funny li'l moustache, red vest from RL with the gigantic Polo logo, and those Nike's... and the chair is awrite! (can't say I dig his style, really, but he sho' ain't borin'!)

måndag 19 april 2010

Bob Burnquist's backyard

Check out skateboard pro Bob's amazing quiver of ramps and pools:

måndag 12 april 2010

My Winter Vacation

Have been away skiing again, total of three weeks this winter. Here's the best bit:

Powderhunt 2010 from Bjorn Gevert on Vimeo.