tisdag 21 december 2010

My company Christmas Card (Rated R)

This is the Christmas card for my clietnts. It is based on the fact that the Swedish King has been exposed as a playboy type of dude, partying with strippers and girls from the "lower classes", similar to Tiger Woods, to put it in an international context:

torsdag 16 december 2010

Check out the Krah!

Greek street artist working out of London, cool stuph!

Some info from Krah himself:

New Krah fanzine

At last the first self published fanzine of the Krah’s sketches…
Hundreds of drawings, photos of graffiti and unseen illustrations of The Krah’s over-active imagination.
25 pages of back to back freestyle outlines, introducing the style evolution of his character design from his early sketches to what has now become his ‘The Krah’ trade mark style…
This is a limited edition publication so when its finished there will not be more, so grab yours now from:

If you have a gallery or shop and you are interested in selling this publication, please get in touch…

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Fripp snowboarding

Download now or watch on posterous
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Skickat från min iPhone

Snowboard Hammarbybacken.

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fredag 10 december 2010

Taiwanese 3D graphics explains Wikileaks

Skate Heat in Cool Stockholm

Skickat från min iPhone

Viber - Free calls app for Iphone. The death of mobile carriers?

Tried this app last night. Worked amazingly well. Free calls to others who have the app on Iphones. Fantastic. The mobile carriers like TNT in USA, and Orange and the others in Europe must be in tears.
Is there a catch? Not that I know of now, but my guess, since there are no free lunches, is that there will be ads and spam-calls coming in the future. Then Viber will launch an ad free premium app for a small fee. 

Here's a demo clip:

torsdag 9 december 2010

The Trip gives me Restless Legs

Okay, I love Steve Coogan, he is a very funny comedian, and some people with great taste are going bonkers over his latest BBC series "The Trip". I thought episode 1 was funny, but ep. 2 gavea me an itching in my legs, and I know that is a sign of me getting bored. It is basically "Sideways", in England, with a little bit different setup. They eat, drink wine, and talk. And do imitations, which are usually spot on.  But in episode 2, they just sit by a restaurant table the full show. I  had decided not to watch episode 3 after my restless legs incident, but maybe ep. 3 will be just as fun as ep. 1? They basically just need to move around a bit I guess? :)

lördag 4 december 2010

Fantastic short film with Alva & Lasek

Wow, epic stuff on pool skating. Love it!

Joaquin's most intetesting movie so far

Joaquin Phoenix has done a bunch of great movies, perhaps the Johnny Cash one being the best. But his mockumentary "I'm still here", in which he abandons his movie career, and starts behaving and looking like a homeless person, pursuing a rap career, Is definitely his most interesting project to date. A must for anyone interested in the workings of media, and where edgy movie making today is at.

torsdag 2 december 2010

KYLLAA! Finnish space nazi flick goes into production

This is just too much fun, and the graphics and art direction is off the hook! Amazing work from Finland. Apparently, the movie is fan-funded.

Iron Sky: Fourth Reich Group Portrait

Full article in Wired:

For the nerdy biker X-Mas: A real Tron motorcycle.

55 000 dollars and it's yours. Legal to drive, even. Merry Geekmas!