tisdag 22 december 2009

The Warhol Bust

An art project for 2010 I've started. The idea is to produce a real bust from this 3D sculpture:

måndag 21 december 2009

Mad for Mad Men

Mad Men has been hyped by so many, for so long, that I had to check out the series. I normally follow comedy/drama series like Curb, The Office, Parks & Recreation, Entourage, Californication, Bored to Death, and Eastbound & Down. So initially, a down-tempo show with 50 minute episodes, took its toll on my temper. I had a hard time winding down to the slow pace of this show about 60's advertising biz characters.

However, after five episodes, I am addicted. I can't get enough of the king of cool, Don Draper, and his 1960's bunch of hip New Yorkers. At first, I was suspecting the entire show was a covert operation to trick young people into becoming cigarette smokers. This is apparently not the case, since people smoked like chimneys in the 60's, and the constant smoking is a part of the show's obsession with authenticity. The actors smoke herbal cigarettes, since California law won't allow them to smoke tobacco (Go Cali!).

I am right now in the middle of season 2, and have been pondering why the show is so fascinating, since it is so much focused on quality, and lacks cheap thrills. A theory is that people like me, who were born in the '60's are looking at our parents, a little bit. We get a feel for what was trendy back then, how people lived their lives, what clothes they wore, how they socialized. How society worked, what values were driving people to do what they do. I can tell you, that this show, somehow, gives me perspective upon my parents, and what shaped them, the values of their times, and so on.

An interesting note, is that there is a lot of product placement in teh show, most of the agencies clients brands are brands of today paying to be part of the show, like Utz nuts, Cadillac and Maidenform.

måndag 14 december 2009

Away We Drift

I totally fell for writing talent and hipster culture publishing genious Dave Eggers breakthrough novel "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius", which I at the time of reading felt was probably among the best books I've ever read.
Now it's great to find a movie he's co-written with his wife called "Away We Go", which is out on DVD.

The movie is something of a must for anyone interested in alternative American culture, quite far away from the mainstream. The movie is slow, about a pregnant couple travelling USA to find a place to move and raise their family. The couple roam the land and meet friends in various cities, and weird/fun stuff happens. Smart dialogue, kinda hippie-ish vibe. It's a treat to see John Krasinski from The Office US in a big screen setting, he plays a similar character to the one in The Office, and has an equally dorky hairdo.

onsdag 9 december 2009

Now that's proper Car Design!

Chrysler Thunderbolt Concept 1941, only five built:

Can't they build it now, as an electric car? More pics here!

söndag 6 december 2009

Tablet Magazine Concept

This is pretty interesting, magazines like this Tablet concept for Sports Illustrated looks like what I, as a magazine lover since back in tha day, have been longing for for a long time: (Sorta like reading a music magazine, where you can hear the songs, see clips of the band with videos and interviews and so forth.) I myself stopped reading paper music magazines a long time ago.

lördag 5 december 2009

The Invention Of A Boring Way To Say "There Is No God"

Ricky Gervais movie making debut The Invention Of Lying unfortunately does not deliver. It is a sad little movie, quite boring until the BIG JOKE is delevered after about one hour. Then it picks up speed for a while, but after a fun 15 minutes returns to being quite boring for the remainder.

The BIG JOKE, however, is exposing all religion as extremely shallow and for super-gullible people exlusively, is well delivered. One might almost suspect that Gervais has something of a hidden agenda. Anyhow, if you walk out of the movie theatre still claiming to believe in "The Man In The Sky", well... that's your problem.

torsdag 3 december 2009

Tiger Woods going Viral Globally

The Tiger Woods story is going orbital all around the globe. If you want to know what happened, or maybe happened, check out this little 3D re-enactment Sims-stylee from Taiwan:

måndag 30 november 2009

lördag 28 november 2009

Tilt-shift photography

Tilt-shift photography is a trend in photography I haven't seen before. The effect is as if the real scenery photographed appear as if it was a toy model. Apparently you need: a digital or 35mm SLR, and then an attachable lens called a Tilt-Shift lens, which bends according to where you want the blur.

Here's more!

onsdag 25 november 2009

Brainiac Attack at Palin's booky-sign'n'

Oh lordy! Is this rigged? Dayum! High-lee en'rtainin'!
SARAH PALIN BOOK SIGNING - Interviews with Supporters:

tisdag 24 november 2009

Weezer, from Gen X icons to Frat-rock Hipsters

Have always had an ear open for Weezer since their magical debut back in the ironic heydays of the 90's, where they churned out Generation X classics like:"Undone (The Sweater Song)", "Say It Aint So" and "Buddy Holly".
They have a new album out called "Raditude", which boasts some really decent tracks. Weezer have always had an ironic/alternative sense of humour, and this album is not different. Even though the feel generally is that Weezer have defined their audience as college kids, who are smart and tongue-in-cheek, but still wants to party like there's no tomorrow. The best songs have quite hard guitars, and something of an updated Beach Boys sound, except "I Can't Stop Partying" which is more club-oriented, with some super-ironic Autotune-rapping in it.
The best tracks are placed as no. 1 to 4 on the CD, and they are all very good. (You can hear them all on their Myspace page)
The lyrics on the first track, "If you’re wondering if I want you to (I want you to)" starts out in classic Weezer style:
"The moon was shining on the lake at night
The slayer T-shirt fit the scene just right
Your smeared mascara
I looked into your eyes and saw a light"

Track no 2: "I'm Your Daddy"
(They are not so young anymore...)
Lyrics example:
"You got the brains, the body, and the beauty
To top it off, you're cool
This ain't impossible
This ain't improbable
You are my baby tonight
And I'm your daddy"

Track no 3: "The Girl Got Hot"
Lyrics example:
"Went to a party last Saturday night
The band was doing their thing
The moshpit started, and then the crowd parted
And then was two feet deep
Knew this girl back in junior high school
And nobody gave her a look
Look at what we got, the girl got hot
Switched up and rewrote the book"

Track no 4: "Can't Stop Partying"
"Monday to Sunday I hit all the clubs
And everybody knows me when I pull up
I got the real big posse with me, yeah I’m deep
And if u lookin for me I’m in vip
Just follow the smoke; they’re bringing bottles of the goose
And all the girls in the corner getting loose
Screw rehab I love my addiction
No sleep no sleep I am always on a mission"

Get the point? Weezer have joined bands like Aerosmith, who always put young kids in their videos, and sings about subjects for younger people. A concert going, record buying audience. Weezer are... Aerosmith for Hipsters!

måndag 23 november 2009

Pretty pretty good, Larry David, having said that...

Pretty pretty good, Season 7 is over, and it is probably the strongest season so far. Actually, Larry David has been consistently funny all seasons, with some ups and downs, but season 6 with the Black's, and season 7 with Seinfeld, has just been a solid good fake reality show, with quite a lot of agony in the mix, of course. Having said that, I also want to add that season 7 had a killer ending!

Time for another face tattoo!

The Game put an LA-logo on his cheek for when he released his last album LAX, I guess he needed something extra to boost sales, since the album was his weakest so far. But since The Game has put out two classic west coast gangsta rap albums before that, we know he's got it in him. And if what has leaked out there now from the RED album is what he'll be droppin' in December, he's back with another good solid Game-album. Damn, even the Autotune parts sound aighht when GAME (as he's now called, no The) does 'em.

torsdag 19 november 2009

måndag 16 november 2009

DIY Mountains

Have actually had this idea for the Stockholm region, (am a mountain geek) however, haven't acted on it. This German düde has, apparently. Full story on Fast Company.

fredag 13 november 2009

Be Autotunin' Yoself!

Here's an Iphone app where you can autotune your own voice. If you plug the Iphone in to a set of speakers, you can hear your Autotunde voice instantly.

Parks & Recreation Season 2 Maintaing Top Perf.

Season 2 of NBC series/Amy Poehler vehicle Parks And Recreation is keeping up its high level of fun/embarrassments/quirkiness. A little evolvement I've noticed is that Amy Poehler have to face foes who posess almost supervillain-like strengths of maliciousness and vicousness. In episode six, she has to face a high school kid, Greg Pitkis, who is about as dangerous and smart as Keiser Souze from the movie The Usual Suspects. In episode eight, she clashes with her bosses ex-wife, who works for the Library Dept, and is about as vicious as Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. This show be almost too fun!

The history of Autotune

Weird Al isn't exactly a cutting edge comedian, but he's got his moments, this lab report on Autotune be both fun and of interest:

onsdag 11 november 2009

Another Superhero movie...

I love superhero movies, especially the good ones, of which there aren't that many. This one has something of a new twist, could be fun...promising trailer...

Kick-Ass in HD

Trailer Park | MySpace Video

My morning paper's so anorexic nowadays...

Here's probably why:

tisdag 10 november 2009

Wale - Another Great Kanyeciple

Wale is the name of a new (for me) rap star. There are quite a few out there who are disciples of Kanye, like Lupe Fiasco, and Consequence for instance. They are both great, and among my favourite rappers. When checking Wale out, I see that he's well represented already, being on tour with Jay-Z, and featured in new Xbox game DJ Hero.

His album is produced by some of the hottest names, and sounds just amazing, oldschoolish, soulish hip hop, not so much tweaked Autotune stuff that is everywhere otherwise, thank you, Wale!

Listen here!

måndag 9 november 2009

Ari Gold-A-Thon

Jeremy Piven is one of the best actors around, at least when he plays Ari Gold, super star agent for the stars in H-wood in the HBO series Entourage. (As if you didn't know...) Ari is kind of an a-hole, but Jeremy pulls it off so brilliantly it is just a delight to watch. This clip here is something he just recommended personally on Twitter:

lördag 7 november 2009

Will Ferrell's Bush parody "You're Welcome America"

I've so far seen about half of this, very funny. Will Ferrell is definitely no dopehead, even though he works in something of the classical SNL school:

DEVO in Honda Scooter commercial '84

Amazingly cool: They're my Top Nerds ever!

torsdag 5 november 2009

Mayer Hawthorne - He be doin' his shiyat widda Doggfather Now

The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

If you get these soft puppies, pray for no rain:

Get 'em while they last, these thing's 'll have you runnin to get a pair:


Brutal Legend - feat. Jack Black & Ozzy

There are seldom games coming out that I want to play. Brutal Legend, however, featuring almost always very fun comedian Jack Black, and Ozzy Osbourne is an exception. Bring me dat, Santa!

onsdag 4 november 2009

Wanna play Bad Company 4 real? (USA needs manhunting Agents)

If you are a PC/console geek, spending your days and nites playing Counter Strike and Bad Company, eating Pizza and drinking energy sodas? Now, there is a job for you, you will probably make a superior agent for a proposed manhunting agency, tuffer than CIA:

Article in Wired

tisdag 3 november 2009

A DEVO rug, someone?

I love DEVO. They are my top nerds ever! Now out with a line of rugs!
Read full story on Wired:

söndag 1 november 2009

Capitalism - A Gordon Gekko story

Watched Michael Moore's Capitalism this weekend. I guess if you are right wing, you won't like it, and if you are left wing, you'll love it. Personally, I'm kind of ambivalent, I can agree with capitalism, and think it fundamentally is probably the best way to move societies and countries forward. However, I don't like a-holes, and I don't want to be one myself. This seems to be what has happened in the board rooms the last decades. The a-holes have taken power.

Now, anybody who has seen the 80's movie Wall Street by Oliver Stone, (still very good, see it!) with Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko, know what I mean by a capitalistic a-hole. It is a person, who will go to any means to make money. He will not personally kill people, but he will without blinking make strategic decisions that will, in order to make a profit. And in a way, it is hard to argue with this person, since it is his (or hers) job.

So how do we stop this development, mainly happening in the world's largest economy, USA? Hey, I'm just a blogging Art Director, but if I should come up with a modest thought, it is this: In Sweden, we have a mix of state run corporations and private. The state mainly handles stuff like schools, prisons, health care and pensions. Now, we have the world's highest taxes, so here we have gone a bit too far, but anyhow, our country is doing allright in this downturn. Maybe our system isn't too bad after all. Maybe one should look at what works best, and see if that can be implemented where the Gekko's have taken over?

lördag 31 oktober 2009

Wolfmother makes me want to drive a muscle car on a desert road in snakeskin boots

If you are a sucker for classic '70's heavy metal guitar gods like Zeppelin and Sabbath, you have not missed super talented yong Aussie band Wolfmother. The man behind it is sickly brilliant guitarist and singer Adrian Stockdale, who has replaced the entire band for the new, second album "Cosmic Egg". The guy sings on par with Jack White, and plays guitar like he could replace Jimmy Page any day. Insanely gifted! If you've missed it, the first album is as brilliant as the new one.

torsdag 29 oktober 2009

Grunge app for Iphone

Hey, if Alice In Chains still wanna sell some albums somehow, but when CD's are dead, how do they do it? Well, of course, Iphones are hot, so they make an Iphone app, with special versions of the songs, ready to be bought and installed from Itunes. When grunge rockers become middle aged, they stop doing heavy drugs, and start selling apps instead. Way healthier, however, is the music any good? I don't know, there are so many apps out there...

lördag 17 oktober 2009

Californication Season 3 - Rise of the Cougar

Californication is back with the apparently irresistable David Duchovny as Hank Moody in the lead. The women just can't stay away from him and are trying to sack him at any time, any place and at any cost. In season 3, Hank gets a job as a University teacher. Of course, the female coeds, teachers and the dean's wife are all over him. His manager Runkle gets a new job where Kathleen Turner is his boss, and man, is she dirty, foulmouthed and sexually abusive, and Runkle gets to be her toy-boy. The show is amusing as always! In this episode, Runkle has a meeting with Kathleen's character and Rick Springfield, as himself.

fredag 16 oktober 2009

Bored To Death? - Not Me!

New hipsterish series Bored To Death is great. Great actors, cool script, that Cackafannakis guy is in it, and he plays a weird sensitive cartoonist. The series is styled like an old Mike Hammer private eye kinda show. Ted Danson is in it, and he's sensational! Thank you lordy for HBO!

The Office US Season 6 - The Marriage

At first I totally dismissed the US version of the UK Hit sitcom mockumentary The Office. I love Steven Carrell, but just could not believe it would be more than an bleak adaptation of the original. Great reviews kept coming, and the seasons piled on. So about half a year ago, I started watching, from the beginning. The first season and a half was a bit on the crude side, I thought, but mid season 2, the scripts got sharper.

Or did the characters creep up on me? I've watched so many episodes now, I feel like I work there. Anyhow, the series is great fun, and Steve Carrell is the wackiest, stupidest boss who ever lived. And funniest. And saddest.

The last episode I have watched is about the marriage between Jim and Pam at Niagara Falls, with the whole Office staff attending. Of course, disaster strikes. Very very funny episode. This video I found might not seem so much fun at a glance, but if you are familiar with the series, you'll catch the irony:

torsdag 15 oktober 2009

Guns'N'Roses for real babies

Baby - You're gonna die...hope not, these are lullaby versions of some G'N'R classics. As always, anything GNR is highly amusing, so go to the page, and have a listen:

tisdag 13 oktober 2009

3D chaos graphics

Workin' on an illustration for a magazine, this is for the background:

Curb Season 7, episode 4: Hide, Hide!

Episode four of Curb Your Enthusiasm is an orgy of Larry confrontations. The most embarrassing episode ever, probably. And Larry had been in a positive streak the previous episodes, with the Seinfeld Reunion and getting beck with Cheryl and all. Now it's just downhill. And it's an avalanche!

fredag 9 oktober 2009

3D guy

Pretty darn spankin' new artwork

Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, and NASA just bombed the moon. Now down to some important stuff: It happens now and then one comes across stuff that looks completely original. This is some of that, at least to me:

torsdag 8 oktober 2009

Supersize Me!

Great sculpture by Ron English from Copro Nason Gallery in LA. It can be yours for 3500 buckaroos. And a large fries with that?

måndag 5 oktober 2009

Modern Family - MOR Mockumentary

There is an old genre in rock, called Middle Of the Road (MOR). This genre could also be applied on TV series MOR, for being a bit too careful to really stand out. Compare MF to any HBO series, and the problem is probably too many sponsors are having a say on the end product. Even though MF touches on controversial subjects lika gay adoption, everything comes out a bit bland. Maybe MF is too much like its audience, suburban families in middle class neighborhoods: Cute and nice, but maybe a bit too boring for being in a mockumentary.

söndag 4 oktober 2009

Parks & Recreation Season 2 parked in top slot.

P&R season 2 starts out really strong. Very solid scriptwriters on this show. Amy Poehler delivers in her patented over-the-top sweetheart-but-kinda-sad screw up of a public servant. You can actually see full episodes on Youtube, I have downloaded them myself, but watching them this way should work:


This could be real, as well as it could be a new sitcom by Douglas Coupland. Microsoft wants us to host Tupperware-like release parties for Windows 7...

lördag 3 oktober 2009

Movie from The Mighty Boosh-gang

This is pretty twisted, but if you are familiar with, and a fan of, the Boosh gang's take on humour, you will probably enjoy their feature The Bunny And The Bull (rumoured to be good):

tisdag 29 september 2009

Yoshii workflow

Check out how Japanese master 3D cutie character guru Yoshii does his thang in Modo:

And here is an interview with Yoshii:

UK Hip Hop Comedy

Check this out, some blokes made a movie, a mockumentary of course, about some hip hop geezers:

måndag 28 september 2009

100 "greatest" Youtube videos

Here's a compilation, you might have seen most of them, entertaining nontheless:

torsdag 24 september 2009

Soon you'll be walking the streets seeing customised ads

Here's an Iphone app that will show you fast food joints and subway stations through the camera:

Read article on Boingboing: http://www.boingboing.net/2009/09/24/augmented-iphone-app.html

Here's another take, soon you'll be gaming with 3D objects, placed "digitally in the real world". You'll have to go to specific spots to see the 3D objects:


I remember an illustration + text I did circa 1998 for an advertising biz weekly magazine, where the kids of the future would be wearing Internet-connected glasses which displayed user specific advertising in city environments. Advertising that would be individual, and changing from street to street, subway and buses. We are getting closer to this vision it seems.

onsdag 23 september 2009

Curb Your Bam-Bam Season 7

Larry David starts out season 7 in excellent form, more agressively arguable than ever. Larry is now in a relationship with Loretta Black, who, according to a doctor Larry insults for being gay, has cancer. And Jeff, Larry's agent, what does he do with Bam-Bam, Marty Funkhouser's mentally ill sister? Well, you have to watch to find out. You can amazingly enough watch the whole thing on Youtube, but hurry, that can't be for long:

Apple Tablet? Here's Bill, and he's smokin hot...

Check this out. Gives a new connotation to the word nifty:

They have a little film here: http://gizmodo.com/5365299/courier-first-details-of-microsofts-secret-tablet

If you ever wonder "Whats goin' on"...

The clever people at Google have come up with this interactive map that picks up on what's the buzz On Twitter in certain countries:
http://trendsmap.com/ Apparently, PeWee Herman is the hottest topic in California...

tisdag 22 september 2009

Beware the Bearsharktopus!

From Boingboing, "Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water!"

Up! - Bring gramps!

I saw Up! with my kids last weekend. It is a solid Pixar 3D-flick, a bit trippy, sometimes it feels like the plot is improvised. Contains elderly people who get to do Indiana Jones styled action sequences, which makes me think this movie is targeted at grandparents. To take their grandchildren to the cinema, where the kids get to see that old people can be cool too.

måndag 21 september 2009

Monster Art from the Fjords

Norwegian artist Kristian Hammerstad is crunching out super cool monster art in the style of Charles Burns, while listening to Norwegian Death Metal, or perhaps he prefers Turbonegro? However, the stuff is very funny, and not what you'd expect from the land of Fjords:

fredag 18 september 2009

I'm seein' colors...

Finally figured out how to do this:

Mayer Hawthorne - King of Wiggster Retro Soul

The album by 29 year old Michigan white black dude Mayer Hawthorne is better than anyone could expect. The man really delivers. It could be compared to the Duffy album from last year, in the way that it's extremely retro. Sounds more 60's soul than the real thing. The songs are strong, and he sings like a (white) god. On the Duffy album, however, the songs had more of an emotional load, perhaps. It sounded like they meant something to the artist. Mayer is perhaps a bit more ironic in his delivery. But he pulls it off brilliantly.

The album is super duper, and his videos makes me want to move to LA. From watching the videos one can conclude that the Mayer is a skater. Extra coolness points for that! A little research tells me he skates every day, but is more of a skate fan than a half pro. The Mayer has also been a rap artist/DJ called Haircut.

torsdag 17 september 2009

Freaky Future Stuff: Pen sketch a 3D object!

This is very interesting, even though I haven't yet figured out what a finished model would look like, but I guess it's mainly for creating that first mesh:

Kid Cudi

When I heard the name Kid Cudi I was expecting some autotune kiddo rapping about the usual clubs/rims/babes. Man was I dead wrong. Kid Cudi has probably made the most interesting hip hop album of the year.

It is sophisticated stuff, makes me think of old classic albums by people like Peter Gabriel. The name of the album, "Man On The Moon" gives associations to Pink Floyd. However, Kid Cudi is a great rapper. He's got a similar flow to Kanye or Jay-Z, in the way that he is often a bit delayed on the rap compared to the beat.

Great album that probably could crossover to folks who normally don't listen to rap. It includes a single you've probably heard, Day N Nite, which has been a huge hit. Great 70's styled album cover. He's a protegé of Kanyes', and has also worked with Common and Jay-Z.

tisdag 15 september 2009

Mike Judge's Extract

Mike Judge, the man behind Beavis & Butthead made one of my fave movies ever: Office Space, from 1999. Now he's back with almost-as-good new flick Extract.

The movie features the guy from Arrested Development, Jason Bateman as the lead. A successful soft drink factory owner, who leads a nice but boring suburban life. When his wife say NO constantly, he starts thinking about having an affair. His buddy, a bartender played by Ben Affleck (ok), comes up with the bright idea to hire a gigolo to check if Bateman's wife is faithful.

Anyhow, the movie is good solid fun, with a great scam-artist female who is Batemans love interest, played by Mila Kunis, and loads of fun working class types from the factory. Not as brilliant as Office Space, but hey, you only paint a Mona Lisa once.

måndag 14 september 2009

fredag 11 september 2009

Quentin The Comedian

Just watched Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds (hard to spell), and guess I thought it was a so-so movie. Great acting, and also very funny to see Wayne from Wayne's world (Mike Myers) as a stiff-lipped British officer. Brad Pitt is okay as the redneck leader of the basterds.

The whole concept, with a bunch of jewish sadists going medieval on nazis is a bit ridiculous, but works okay for entertainment. The fact that the movie changes the outcome of WW2 entirely is quite banal, letting the nazi party leaders including Hitler get killed trapped in a burning movie theater in Paris.

Tarantino is a bit of a comedian, and his films are usually filled with little cool details and jokes. When he on the premiere night in Berlin has an after party including a female black singer from Sweden, makes you wonder if the Germans have given him bad reviews previously? (In the end a full movie theatre of Nazis/Germans gets massacred).

Here's a clip from CNN where the killing of Nazis is called "fun":

Here's a clip from the Berlin premiere, with a different focus:

torsdag 10 september 2009

How could I have missed Seth Godin?

Wow, this guy Seth Godin seems to be as cool as any of the cool pop-sociologists like Chris Anderson or Malcolm Gladwell. Here you can watch one of his speeches totally free. Probably cost about 2000 dollars a pop if your boss woulda sent ya:

måndag 7 september 2009


Jay-Z: Blueprint 3

I like this picture of Jay-Z and Beyonce vacationing. They look good together. Notice the way Jiggaman is wearing his trunks so his underwear shows. My son does the same, funny! This has been a big hype for teens in Sweden for almost ten years now!
Anyhow, Jay-Z:s Blueprint 3 is out, and without going into details, I can say that it is a good album. Say one third of the songs are built upon annoying samples, or use autotune, which I hate. But the other two thirds are good stuff. One song is based on 80's anthem "Forever Young", which is a song I normally can't stand, somehow works okay with Jiggaman's rap. Alicia Keyes is featured on one track, she's almost always great. Here she delivers. Farrell is on a little jazzy-weird tune, that also works. The first single, "Run This Town" with Kanye and queen of R'n'B blandness, Rihanna, is a dull thing, with horrible wailing from Rihanna.

More fruit

I'm makin' a 3D frootcake!

fredag 4 september 2009

froot froot

A peach I've done in C4D, whilst learning 3D techniques:

Michael & Michael Have Issues

Wow, hadn't heard of this show until yesterday when someone recommended it. And man, it blew me away. The first episode is up there with Curb Your Enthusiasm and Sarah Silverman. Very clever and funny.

The plot is basically about two coworkers, writers for a comedy TV-show, who constantly bicker, and start fistfights/beefs with each other, and their "fellow" coworkers. Let me say that they are quite vicious, but since the show is so far over the top, they get away with it.

The theme is quite similar to Studio 50 On Sunset Strip, and 30 Rock, but they have a more contemporary, more documentary style. The little skits thrown in are always insanely funny, like this one:

torsdag 3 september 2009

Fun Buddies in Dino-Land

Just watched Will Ferrell's new flick Land of The Lost featuring my new comedy fave Danny McBride from TV's Eastbound & Down. Saw the movie with my kids, and they all enjoyed it highly, and so did I.
The movie is good fun, a bit trippy, and stays on the tongue-in cheek side of going hot turkey. If you, like me, are a fan of both Ferrell and McBride, the movie is a winner. If you don't care for classic zany US comedy, stay home.

onsdag 2 september 2009

Entourage Season 6: Let Bros Be Bros

Entourage Season 6 keeps the quality level up and sizzling. The first few episodes are a bit on the lighter side, but later into the season the drama heats up. So does Johnny Drama, who is hired as a lead in a cheezy TV-sereies, which becomes a hit. At least he's got a job! Vince is hugely successful with a Scorsese movie, and is back on top. Of last season's financial crisis there are no traces.

These episodes are more "man magaziney" than ususal, with Vince and Drama using their Hollywood status to pick up women. Ari shows a heart, helping new character played by Gary Cole, famous for his part in 80's TV series Midnight Caller. This time he plays the part of an unstable agent working under Ari.

In episode eight, Swedish cult actor Peter Stormare appears as a badass security consultant, hired to protect Vince from a stalker. Other guest appearances are from people like 50 cent, Bob Saget and Josh Wedon. Even show creator Mark Wahlberg pops up in a golf tournament.

The show is as always great, if you can smirk at the laddiness factor, and life in LA seems quite okay.

fredag 28 augusti 2009

torsdag 27 augusti 2009

Hitler learns that the Avatar trailer sucks.

Very funny. Someone put English spoof subtitles on the German Hitler movie, and made it be about Hitler's disappointment in The Avatar trailer. Clever!

tisdag 25 augusti 2009

District 9 - South African Space-prawns Attack!

Peter Jackson has produced this movie which apparently is charting as no.1 in the USA. I've seen half, and it is a highly entertaining flick. Intelligent, weird, funny and scary. The lead character, a Borat-like person is incredible. The prawns, as the aliens are called, look scary and creepy enough. Will write more as I've seen the whole thing. As stated in the headline, the movie is South African. Go Mandela!
(Added later: Yes, the movie is a must-see, thrilling, with lots of cool SFX towards the ending. Including a great classical sad end.)

German "Borat-like" Politician might get 20% of voters!

lördag 22 augusti 2009

Sorry, Mr Cameron

I liked the 3D work, thought it looked spectacular in a semi-realistic way. The style of the movie is a bit odd, though. Lots of fantasy thrown in. Is the movie targeted at a very young audience?

Anyhow, I showed it to my boys, 10 and 12 years old, the verdict was tuff:

"Avatar, what a dorky name, that's a kids show on Nickelodeon!" and "I'm not gonna watch that movie, the trailers for Halo looks better than that!"


fredag 21 augusti 2009

Stacy Peralta's next gig after Dog Town

Stacy Peralta, skateboard legend turned documentary film maker has a new docu-movie out called Bloods & Crips, Made in America. You have most likely seen Dog Town & The Z-Boys, his first full length documentary about the history of skateboarding from 2001. In retrospect one might conclude that the Dog Town-movie finally gave skateboarding the respect and credibility it sort of lacked. It also spawned a feature movie called Lords of Dogtown, that were quite a big success.

Now, Made in America is the background history of the black community in Los Angeles. Why there ia so much violence, about the drug trade, leading to turf wars and the rise of the notorious gangs; Bloods & Crips. The movie is very touching, giving you an insight into what makes a 14 year old black kid grab a gun and go out on the streets killing what could be his relatives. Anyone the least bit into hip hop and especially gangsta rap and the west coast sound should check this movie out.

It should also be mandatory for kids in schools at gang infested neighborhoods to see this movie, it will surely take some of the coolness out of being a "G". This movie could really help educating coming generations, and could probably, if shown as much as possible, mean a lot in uniting the black community of LA. Maybe in the same sense as the Dog Town movie meant a lot to the sport of skateboarding. There will surely be a feature film coming out based on this documentary as well. Spike Jones maybe? Spike Jonze? - Too white...?

torsdag 6 augusti 2009

Touchable holograms (Holography)

Soon we'll be all touchy-feely with our computers, my guess is this can come to use in the gaming industry firstly:

onsdag 5 augusti 2009

tisdag 4 augusti 2009

Ben Stiller is online. After decades of ignoring the Internet he finally caved and got Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts. Unfortunately, his family's not quite there yet, so Stiller hired actors to play them:

tisdag 28 juli 2009

Mick Jones: Museum Boss

They were always the sharpest dressers in new wave rock'n'roll...The Clash. Here's some news from Mick Jones:

The Rock n Roll Public Library is Mick Jones’s (The Clash, B.A.D, Carbon Silicon) direct artistic challenge to the likes of the corporate 02 British Music Experience. Rather than let his creative legacy atrophy Jones is ’transforming’ his own archive of near 10.000 artefacts into one unique ‘guerrilla-library.’ Set under the Westway motorway in 3000 sq.ft of former office space, Jones’s five-week civic endeavour will also encourage visitors to enrol, interact with the archive-exhibition (Jones began collecting well before he formed The Clash in 1976 to eventual international success, as such it forms an invaluable guide to the influences that informed Jones as a pop-artist). Also uniquely by request users will be able to scan (courtesy Genus, U.K distributor of the Book2net Kiosk) certain objects and via memory stick carry them away. Please note visitors to the world’s first, resolutely alternative, Rock n Roll Public Library shouldn’t expect peace and quiet.

tisdag 21 juli 2009

Ze Bruno mofee

Just watched Sacha Baron Cohen's latest movie, Bruno, where he acts as an Austrian Gay TV star trying to become world famous in the USA. The movie is quite full of laughs, and encounters with people easily offended by gay Austrian TV stars. As usual, SBC really goes further in shock value and provocations than any mainstream comedian.
Loved the ending sequence with Bruno's take on "Wa Are The World", featuring Bono, Sting, Slash, Snoop, Elton John and the guy who married Gwyneth:

måndag 20 juli 2009

Jack White's got another baby:

Jack White of The White Stripes has got a third band going. As if the super success of hipster garage du TWS was not enough, he also got running with side project The Raconteurs. If you ask me, The Raconteurs are not remotely as good as TWS, but still have some fine moments. To make great rock, you need a few components. I'd say the singer is no. 1 on the list. Second is a unique guitarist. Jack White is both. Third on the list are the songs. Now, TWS has got all these components checked. The Raconteurs are good when Jack sings. If not, they are a bit average.
Now, on Jack's third project, The Dead Weather, they have a better singer in Alison Mosshart from The Kills, another garage dude/chick duo I have hyped here previously. However, she is not even closely as good as Jack, so when he sings, the whole band takes off. Jack is the drummer of the band actually, which is extra-weird!
Otherwise, after watching this video, the idea of Jack's new band's got to be: Let's make the f*ckin' coolest rock sh*t ever, a band Tarantino could be a fan of.

torsdag 9 juli 2009

Michael Jackson Credit

My seven year old daughter has a bad crush on (white...) Michael Jackson, and watches his music videos over and over. Well, I have to watch a lot too, since I have to help her with starting the player. One thing that strikes me is that MJ truly was an incredible dancer. Hardly no one in showbiz can dance like he did, especially in his "prime". Check out this mix:

Marko Djurdjevic - Marvelous Superhero stuff

Great superhero Marvel cover artist:

Interview and article on Wired:

tisdag 7 juli 2009

Why Michael Jackson died

Just watched a Dr. Gupta on CNN, who is their expert on medicine. He was "surprised" that Diprivan was given to Jackson.

CNN: "The drug Diprivan, known by its generic name Propofol, is administered intravenously in operating rooms as a general anesthetic.

Last week, a nutritionist -- Cherilyn Lee -- said Jackson pleaded for the drug despite being told of its harmful effects, because he had difficulty falling asleep.

Sources close to Jackson told CNN that the insomniac singer traveled with an anesthesiologist who would "take him down" at night and "bring him back up" during a world tour in the mid-'90s."

So there it is. Anyone can understand that putting a person to sleep with anesthetics must take a toll on the person's body. That's why Michael died: Overusing anesthetics.

Sad way to go, and what about the Doctor's that gave it to him? If he just paid them enough, they would give him anything, probably?

What can one say? Stay off (all) drugs unless you are really sick, kids!

New work

More work, same magazine as previous post: