måndag 31 mars 2008

Back from Åre with Ingemar Stenmark

Just back from an Easter-break week in Swedish ski-resort Åre. Met Ingemar Stenmark who was there promoting skis, cars and candy. He's like a Swedish Muhammad Ali, a legend, since he's won more gold medals than anyone ever in ski racing.

torsdag 20 mars 2008


Just finished Illustrations for Finansvärlden, did 2 days @ DI, and now working on cartoon strip for IDG magazine CIO.

Hercules and Love Affair

Yeah, they're good. If you ever appreciated fine disco, this is the shit. Of the ten songs on the album, six are good. I never really liked Antony Johnson that much, but with this groovy backing, his voice works perfectly. Here's a kinda dorky video, but nevermind the dorkiness, the disco rocks. - Disco bass, keep thumping!

Be Kind don't fall asleep

Watched Be Kind Rewind last night. Fell asleep after 30 minutes, then after 45 again. Is there something wrong with me or the movie? I love Jack Black, so it oughta be good. Here's the trailer (which btw is funny!):

måndag 17 mars 2008

Lotsa work

Just finishing up some Boss-illustrations for Aftonbladet, then got a illustration job on "Ruling Techniques" for FTF:s magazine, and another about myths of the trade for Finansvärlden. Tomorrow I will work for DI:s graphics dept.

Driveby Truckers

Hey, this is not new, but in case you haven't heard them, they're cool. Smart country music, sorta like indie-country. Good stuff. Reminds me of Wilco at their best (Summer Teeth). You can hear their new album on their myspace-page. Check 'em out:


söndag 16 mars 2008

PowderHunt 2008

Here is a fun little movie I put together after the Alp trip to Engelberg and St. Moritz in Switzerland last week: (St. Moritz were the best powder for us, as you can see) 

Duffy? Who the h**l is Duffy?

Duffy. I saw the name here and there before my Alpen trip. Ok, I didn't listen until on the transfer bus back from the airport. When I listened, I played it over three times, till I got home. That never happens these days.
I never got really hooked on Amy Winehouse, this is in the same vein, but more subtle.
The album sounds just fantastic. She sings great. The strings are better than (well, in par with) vintage Al Green. The songs are good too (Great, many of them). Is she a product? Did she end up third in some UK Idol contest '06, and are now in the hands of some extremely slick producers? Some research tells me she's a young Welsh woman who has spent 4 years on her album Rockferry. She's had some talented people co-writing with her, like Bernard Butler from Suede.
Good choice of her, Bernard's put out some amazing stuff, and Suede were good too when he was with them.
Anyway, it's great stuff, very retro, 60's, merseybeat/northern soul with a little bit of Dusty on top. Don't miss out on this one if you was ever a soul music fan.


torsdag 6 mars 2008

As always

Open for new jobs, so e-mail or call.

Powder saturday

So tomorrow I take off to Switzerland and Engelberg. They have 60 cm of fresh powder so it will be nice. Apparently they are having some kind of yodel-festival this weekend, so we will have to stay 20 km outside of the village for the first coupla days. Sunshine all weekend, then new snow from monday. Happy Happy Joy Joy.

Gnarles Barkley - Odd Couple CD

Why do these cats have to be so experimantal? The singer's got one of the best voices in showbusiness. Sounds like a Motown superstar from 1964. Just an amazing voice. Why can't they just be a bit serious, and churn out a bunch of classics like "Crazy"? Anyhow, the new album got a few good tracks, as well as a bunch of quite annoying ones, so it's definitely worth a listen.

onsdag 5 mars 2008

Keepin' busy + Powder plannin'

Working with illustrations for new Boss-CEO-magazine Position. And deciding which alp-resort to go to. Just found out that it has snowed about 60 cm in Engelberg the last 24 hours. Will most likely go there on saturday. Seems that tha heli-ski-work trip to Swedish Abisko might be cancelled. They wanted to send me by train...takes like 20 hours one way...

tisdag 4 mars 2008

Hip Hop Endorsements

Just heard two new hip hop songs on the radio. One frequently mantions Reeboks, another one Motorola. Doesn't everyone know that the hiphoppers get like $5 everytime one of the major brands are mentioned, and played on the radio? I guess people don't? Or they don't care? Anyway, to me, it is extremely selloutish.

söndag 2 mars 2008

The Mighty Boosh Season 1

Hey I've seen it, it's pretty darn funny. At first it was so weird that it was almost scary, (the mutants!) but either I got used to the level of weirdness, or it got a bit lighter. Anyhow, the brits are back with a vengeance. More Gary Numan for the animals, please!

Here's how the show usually starts:

No Country for Old Endings

Just saw No Country For Old Men. I can understand the hype totally. About as cool as Pulp Fiction and more thrilling than The Usual Suspects (The Keyser Sauze movie). Incredibly beatiful landscape, cool cars (did they really just drive fullsize GM cars 1980?). Now, the movie is extremely thrilling for 3/4, then it turns into something else, and twists your head a bit. Still, it's those quirky Coen brothers going at it again. Anyhow, it's a must see. Best film in years. And Javier Bardiem, with the Sonny Bono hairdo is just the creepiest imagineable ruthless killer in many years. Did I mention that the photography is just beautiful, and the small parts with motel clerks and trailer park-managers are fantastic?
Watch the trailer: