måndag 30 mars 2009

Shawn Wolfe - a sign of hope

Really dig this guy's work, his illustrations, graphic art and fine art, all top notch. Especially digable are his wooden signs with tweaked logos. Shawn Wolfe.

torsdag 26 mars 2009

Flight of the Conchords Season 2

The Conchords are poorer than ever, playing gigs in elevators and at galas for epileptic dogs. In episode 7 their agent arranges a gig as a Simon & Garfunkel tribute band, while the Prime Minsiter of New Zealand (who watches the Matrix, and believes the whole world is digital, as in the movie) is visiting NY, and meets the guys... very funny;

tisdag 24 mars 2009

DEVO will release new album + live gigs

My new wave faves from the late 70's and early 80's, DEVO, just played live at SXSW in Texas. They are also releasing a new album in the fall of ´09, and will play live in England in May. Here's a little clip. They still sound great, they are still super-nerdy, and they've gotten a bit fat. They used to sport a chubby little baby in the early days called The Booji Boy. Now they all are a bit chubby. The Booji Band? However...enjoy:

IKEA the eco-car company?

Check this out, what is this? A French site claiming to be introducing an IKEA eco car on April 1st. Is it a joke? WWF are involved. Hmm, mysterious!

fredag 20 mars 2009

This is what I wanted to do

I was actually for a while working on a snowboard surf-thingy prototype without bindings, and of course, somewhere else on the planet, some other dudes where doing the same:

Obama at Leno

The dude delivers! All respect to Obama, he's a smart, decent guy with a good sense of humour!

torsdag 19 mars 2009

Monksters of Rock, anyone?

A real monk singing in a metal band... the end is nigh? And they don't sound all bad either, I mean, they sound bad, in a good way!

onsdag 18 mars 2009

Now even scarier... Bill O'Reilly's pornographic novel

This is incredibly embarrassing, Bill O'Reilly (You know, the Bush supporter No. 1 after Rush Limbaugh) apparently published a crime novel full packed off steaming porn sequences. Here is an article, with audioclips! Hilarous!

An elected Prez on a talk show!

Obama will appear on Leno March 19th. Apparently, it's the first time a sitting US president visits a talk show. It's pretty brave, considering he takes a risk, since the talk shows are known to be quite obnoxious to some guests. And usually, only campaigning politicians risk going out on a talk show. However, Obama, being the Real Deal as he seems to be, goes out there to show us he can stand a lot of heat. Anyhow, Leno is a wise choice, being the nicest and most easygoing host of the lot.
Here's from pop crunch:
President Barack Obama will be a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday night, a NBC rep has confirmed.

It will mark the first time a sitting president has appeared on for an interview the long-running NBC show.

Mr. President will swing by Leno as part of his trip to southern California this week. A White House official said the Commander-In-Chief plans to talk about the nation’s tenuous economy.

Will he be funny?

“As funny as the times allow,” the official said.

tisdag 17 mars 2009

Jimmy Fallon no new O'Brien, yet

Fallon will probably grow into his shoes, as we say in Sweden, but his debut with Dustbin Timberflake is maybe a bit nooby. I'm pretty sure he'll make it though, he seems to be a smart guy, and he was always one of the funniest on SNL.

lördag 14 mars 2009

What's goaten into Neill Strauss?

Neill Strauss's got a new book out. He's also got a little club going along with the book. To get in, you have to buy two copies of the book.

Neill Strauss's also gotten heavily into goats. See for yourself.

I like his books a lot, The Game was very interesting, a friend of mine got instant "help" from it, which impressed the hell out of me. The Dirt, about Motley Crue, is higly entertaining. This time, the new book "Emergency" is about "Survivalism", and it is kind of like based on one of those extreme survival shows on Discovery. After reading the summary in the link above, I feel like I want to read the whole thing. After all, who don't want to be like the guy in Terminator, who comes from the future, to save the future leader of mankind in the war against the machines. That guy, who can deal with pretty much anything, a bit like MacGyver, but cool.

onsdag 11 mars 2009

Why RocknRolla sucks

Now I have finally watched Rocknrolla. First I must add that I liked Lock Stock, and Snitch, so I am (was) something of a fan. However, Rocknrolla does not deliver. Many of the cast including the lead roles don't appear credible. They don't seem the least bit dangerous, and the dialogue often sounds like someone is reading too long lines from a telepromter. Not even Jeremy Piven, my favourite from Entourage delivers. Ritchie's movies are usually Tarantino-violent, Rocknrolla is slowpaced till about half through, where it gets going a little bit, but then loses momentum shortly after. And now Maddie broke up with him. Maybe she said: If the next one is a dud, I'm moving back to the USA...

tisdag 10 mars 2009

Watchmen - beautiful artwork

Just saw the opening sequences of the Watchmen movie. The whole thing is supposedly a dud, but man, the art in the beginning sequences alone are worth the ticket price. They play Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A Changin'" while a bunch of 20th century historic scenes are displayed, and these scenes are just masterfully done. Here's a trailer, where you can get a feel:

söndag 8 mars 2009

The 90's just called, and said they are sending us their best big beat album

Wow, remember the 90's and all the great big beat/prog house/techno music that came out? There was one band that really lead the pack; Prodigy. They just released a new album in '09 they call "Invaders Must Die", and if you ever liked them back in the day, this stuff sounds actually amazingly good. After a few sessions with the album, I'd like to say it's some of their best material yet. And from watching this clip, one can't say one is surprised to see Liam and Keith covered with tattoos, which they didn't have back in the day. They are the typical guys one would expect to get totally tattooed up, so to speak.

I have myself seen them play live twice in Stockholm in the 90's, once before they broke through at a small venue, which I rank among my top 3 concerts ever, and once after they made it big with Firestarter at a large outdoor venue. Which was also great, but naturally not as intimate and intense.

Sort under "intense, gnarly, disturbing but extremely groovy dance music". Great stuff to listen to while performing skateboarding, skiing or working out.

fredag 6 mars 2009

About time

He never says he's sorry about beating up his woman...is that not the worst he's done...?

onsdag 4 mars 2009

Skaters just wanna blow sh*t up

Have you seen this video yet? It's directed by Spike Jonze, to market some skateboard shoe brand. Incredibly cool, and considering that what young men enjoys most are things going really fast and getting blown up (according to a young man's magazines survey), it probably works well too:

söndag 1 mars 2009

5 best surf spots according to Kelly Slater

(CNN) -- For pro-surfers like nine-time world champion Kelly Slater, flying from continent to continent looking for the perfect wave seems like a freewheeling lifestyle, but for amateurs, it requires careful planning.

Surfers checking out unique vibes at sites in Australia, Fiji, Tahiti, Hawaii and France are driven by the buzz that comes from exhilarating swells, breaking waves and amazing barrel tubes created by truly awesome forces of nature.

Unlike other travelers, surfers are interested in surfer-friendly places to crash, snagging the best airline rates for surfboards and where to hang out.

Here's Slater's list of five great surfing meccas along with some hints about how to fully enjoy your search for the proverbial endless summer. Photo See photos of Slater surfing his five great sites »


Event: Billabong Pipeline Masters, December 8 to December 20, 2009

"I grew up mesmerized by it, and it never lets you down," Slater said. "It's just an amazing place to be and a wave that always challenges you."

The vibe: Surfers compare this event to professional golf's Master's tournament. Since the 1950s and '60s, mobs of fans have traveled to view one of the sport's great venues to watch competing surfers.

How to get there: To find this quarter-mile long treasure trove of breaking waves, drive southwest of Ehukai Beach Park along the Kamehameha Highway, about seven miles northeast of Haleiwa.

During competition season -- in November and December -- visitors can soak up a lot of action on the beach, said Scott Bass, editor at Surfer Magazine.
Don't Miss

* Surfer Magazine

"It's a unique spot because a large, crazy death-defying surf breaks only 100 yards from shore. It's very accessible as a viewer," said Bass. See map and more photos of Slater's surfing spots »

Where to stay: Keiki Beach Bungalows offers tourists the best of both worlds: proximity to the Pipeline and a break from the crowds. Located on the beach about a mile away from Pipeline, the quiet bungalows also provide convenient access to a shopping complex with food and coffee shops about a quarter mile away. One and two-bedroom cottages range from $145 to $220 per night, depending on length of stay.

Searching for more elegant digs? Turtle Bay Resort offers hundreds of luxurious guest rooms, suites and cottages not far from Pipeline.

On a budget? Less than an hour's drive away, campers can pitch near the Pacific at Barbers Point Beach Park.

Where to hang out: Got something sweeter in mind? Matsumoto Shave Ice has become a Hawaiian institution during its 60 years, serving the namesake snow cones, candy and crack seed, an island snack of dried fruits.

Where to get lunch: Locals will tell you that hanging out on the North Shore must include a stop at some of the island's tried and true mom and pop shops. Macky's Sweet Shrimp Truck is literally just that -- a brightly painted RV parked in a private lot. Macky's specializes in serving succulent shrimp, rice, fruit and veggies.

CLOUDBREAK, Tavarua, Fiji

Best waves: April to October

"One of the great surf discoveries ever," said Slater about Cloudbreak, the name given to a surfing reef about two miles off Fiji's island of Tavarua. The South Pacific waters off Fiji offer the perfect temperature and a "really good swell window" for timing waves, Slater said. "The wave has so many different faces to it. It's challenging and perfect."

The vibe: Exclusive. The Tavarua Resort on the island controls access to the reef.

How to get there: Surfing Cloudbreak can cost you, both physically and monetarily because of its distance off the island and the expense of traveling to the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Surfers get to the reef on local boats or jet-skis -- or by paddling on their boards, which will take a lot out of you.

Where to stay/hang out: Options are very limited. Surfer tourists can expect to spend at least $200 per night at the island resort.

SNAPPER ROCKS, Kirra, Australia

Event: Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast February 28 to March 11, 2009

It's no secret that surfing is a national pastime in Australia, especially during pro-surfing competitions in February and March, when the weather is toasty warm and the water is aqua blue.

How to get there: Arrive at the Gold Coast airport at Coolangatta or at the airport in Brisbane, which is about 68 miles (109 kilometers) to the north on the Pacific Motorway. The stretch of breaking waves between Snapper Rocks and Kirra is called the Superbank.

The waves are "perfect, hollow, fast," said Slater. Superbank's sandy-bottom, barrel point break makes it worthy of his list. "On its day, it's the wave you would draw on your school books," he said.
Surfing Slang

* Bro-down (noun): A special favor for a fellow surfer, such as a discount at a surf shop
* Gnarly (adjective): Large, heavy waves, intimidating conditions
* Goofy foot (noun): Surfing stance with right foot facing forward, instead of the common left foot
* Grom or grommet (noun): Nickname for very young surfer
* Haole (noun): Hawaiian term for foreigner or unwelcome Caucasian surfer
* Kook (noun): Beginner surfer who doesn't know the rules
* Shredder (noun): Accomplished surfer
* Sniveler (noun): Complainer, wussie
* Sponger (noun): Boogie boarder

The vibe: The Gold Coast during competition season is similar to Spring Break in the United States, said Bass, a globetrotting surfer who has produced a documentary about the Vietnam War's surfing soldiers.

Gold Coast spectators tend to be young, hip trendy, college-age surf fans. For tourists with wider interests, the scene includes a music festival and skateboard competition.

Where to stay: Take your pick. There are plenty of hotels along the Gold Coast, ranging from upscale three or four-star destinations to modest beach motels. For $20 (Australian) you can grab a bunk bed in a backpacker hostel. At the posh Palazzo Versace, you can spend thousands of dollars for one night's lodging. Apartments near the shore run from $80 to $250 Australian per night. Book early if possible.


Event: Billabong Pro Teahupoo May 9 to May 20, 2009

Cloudbreak's remoteness is matched by Tahiti's Teahupoo, which is described by Slater as "one of the most challenging waves and confronting waves in the world." When negotiating Teahupoo's South Pacific monster waves, said Slater, "Just make a decision and follow it. No second guessing."

The vibe: Teahupoo is very exclusive and expensive, according to Bass. "It's a grand spectacle along the same lines as the Pipeline, just not as accessible."

How to get there: You might have to pay a boater for transportation to the wave, which is about a quarter mile off shore, said Bass.

Where to stay/hang out: Small pensions,homes that island residents rent to tourists, are the way to go in Tahiti, said Bass. Hiti Moana Villa offers bungalows for $110 to $160 per night.


Event: Quiksilver Pro France September 23 to October 4, 2009

For nonsurfers, Hossegor is a big secret.

"People don't realize how good the surf is there but it's incredible very often," said Slater. The elbow-shaped Bay of Biscay near the French-Spanish border offers "lots of swell and good weather that Ireland and England don't get."

The vibe: More waves, more surfing, less competition. The Hossegor area offers many fine beach breaks that result in abundant waves. These "peaky" beach breaks democratize the surfing experience. With more good waves, there's less jockeying among surfers for position. During most of the year, surfers will need to wear a wet suit. The Bay of Biscay is really cold.

Where to hang out: The area has great food, according to Slater, and, "Spain is just right next door for something different." Across the Spanish border, surfers can discover crashing waves along the shore of San Sebastian, the town made famous in Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises."

Continue down the coast to experience amazing waves off the Spanish towns of Zarautz and Mendexa. There, surfers will discover a pure point break, with waves breaking off cobblestone rocks on the ocean floor.

Where to stay: All along the coast are dozens of beach hostels offering low-cost lodging. Also, there's camping in the area, if you feel like really roughing it. The Hortensias du Lac hotel offers rooms from €170 to €220 per night.

How to get there: From Paris, drive about 6 hours southwest to Bordeaux and then drive about 2 hours south to Hossegor. By train from Paris takes about 6 hours and costs about $130.


The relationship between surfers and their boards is close. Sometimes very close. Many surfers feel their boards are like a physical part of them. As a result, they accept no substitutes -- or rentals. They bring their boards.

Traveling with a 9-foot, 70-pound piece of sporting equipment can be expensive. Several airlines hit surfboard-toting travelers with stiff fees, sometimes hundreds of dollars. But a few carriers will allow surfboards to be checked as baggage free, within certain guidelines.

Here's a quick list of policies among major airlines for travel with surfboards as checked baggage:

American Airlines charges a special handling fee.

British Airways bans surfboards as checked baggage.

Delta Airlines charges a special handling fee.

Singapore Airlines offers free baggage check for surfboards within certain guidelines. Otherwise, travelers are charged a handling fee.

United Airlines charges a special handling fee.

Virgin Atlantic offers free baggage checking within certain guidelines.